Works and performance features of rice milling equipment


Rice and wheat electric motor mounted rice milling machine is a separate sheller that is suitable for customers with low voltage in rural areas and has traditional rice mills. The rice is browned by the sheller and then milled into the rice. Below, Aike Machinery will share with you the principles and performance characteristics.

How Rice Milling Equipment works

The motor drives rice and wheat rice milling machine consists of two working systems, rice milling, and mites. The grain enters the grinding chamber from the hopper and is ground by the grinding wheel. After grinding, it is excluded from the rice nozzle. The shells and crucibles that are removed during the grain grinding process are partially discharged from the sugar sieve mesh hole, and the rest of the airflow from the decanter is discharged when the grain is discharged the rice spout. The two separated crucibles and shells are blown by the fan. Discharged out of the machine.

The size of the grinding wheel, the number of machine revolutions, the pressure of the mill chamber and the resistance level determine the milling efficiency of grain. The gap between the upper and lower discs is adjusted according to the size of the rice grain. The rolling distance should be less than the length of the rice, and greater than the width and thickness of the rice. The pressure of the mill chamber can be adjusted by controlling the grain flow rate of the inlet and outlet and changing the length of the grain flap. The resistance of the mill chamber may be adjusted by adjusting the position of the knife. The effect of the sweeping can be controlled by changing the position of the adjusting plate to change the airflow of the weir. Wheat thresher household type thresher small thresher sorghum thresher soybean bean thresher rice millet thresher. The working principle and quality of the rice sheller, the process of peeling the rice sheller.

Performance characteristics of rice milling equipment

First, small size, lightweight, easy to operate, economical, as long as there is 220V power supply can be safely used.
Second, compared with traditional rice milling machine:
1. It can reduce 30-40% of broken rice.
2. Every 100 kg of rice can produce 75-80 kg of finished polished rice.
3. The nutrients in the table at the rice are not damaged.
Third, it can separate the glutinous rice and brown rice. Raising poultry with rice bran can effectively reduce the disease of poultry and improve the quality of feeding.
Four, the crusher can separately crush all kinds of food. A lot of work such as beating.

Use of Rice Milling Equipment

Rice and wheat electric motor mounted rice milling machine is suitable for small and medium-sized grain and bean processing plants and food and processing workshops for processing milled rice and sorghum peeled rice, as well as corn, wheat, barley, mung bean, buckwheat, soybean, and other whole grains. And the peeling treatment of Chinese medicine Kochia scoparia and glutinous rice, especially the corn has been removed from the hard hull and germ part, which improves the edible taste effect of corn, expands the application range of corn, and removes corn noodles after corn peeling.

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