Working principle and characteristics of Rice and Wheat Rice Milling Machine


With the development of society, China’s requirements for rice have changed from production to quality. And to ensure the quality and safety of major food products such as rice.  It is necessary to continuously strengthen the quality inspection of rice. So modern rice is shelled and whitened. The requirements are also relatively high. Application test the motor drives rice and wheat rice milling machine not only ensures the effect of rice shelling and whitening but also meets the requirements of subsequent testing. But also has high efficiency, easy operation, and portability, and is highly recognized by industry personnel. Technical support was provided to strengthen modern food quality supervision and improve food safety quality.

Classification of rice mills

The basic methods of rice milling using rice and wheat rice milling machine can divide into physical methods and chemical methods. At present, the most commonly used methods in the world are rice milling, and only a few rice mills use chemical methods to mill rice. Typical rice milling machines are either the small electric grain milling machine and the electric motor mounted rice milling equipment paddy milling machine. Small electric grain milling machine’s main components are the feeding mechanism, whitening chamber, discharge mechanism, air blowing system, and bucket assembly. The main structure of electric motor mounted rice milling equipment paddy milling machine is feeding mechanism. It consists of a whitening room, a discharge mechanism, a suction system, and a transmission system.

Working principle and characteristics of rice milling machine

The quality inspection of grain and other grain foods such as rice. Such as inspection of yellow grains, disease spots, and belly white, must carry out after the process of shelling and whitening. And then can carry out, that is to say, the test samples that meet the requirements are prepared first.

Modern rice and other food testing, usually using a test rice mill to complete the process of rice shelling and brown rice whitening in one time. This shelling has high white rate, less broken rice, large sampling, easy operation, and convenient carrying. The professional shelling and whitening instrument provides convenience for the smooth development of various quality inspections such as rice and also meets the actual work needs in the fields of grain storage. Rice processing, etc. It is the ideal equipment for the relevant departments to judge the quality of rice.

The process of milling rice using rice and wheat electric motor mounted rice milling machine is a process of physically or chemically removing a portion or all of the skin layer on the surface of brown rice. The working principle of the rice milling machine is to use the mechanical force to peel and whiten the brown rice. It is a physical method or a mechanical method. The reason why the rice mill can quickly and efficiently complete the process of rice shelling and whitening has the advantages of high shelling rate, low broken rice, large sampling, etc. Mainly because the rice mill is tested in the traditional mill. A number of technical improvements have been made on the rice machine, using a milled milling method. This kind of milling method is to first whiten the shell and reduce the pressure of the rice milling chamber. Therefore, the processed rice has a high whitening rate, less broken rice, and the rice bran is separated.

The main factors affecting the rice milling process

Process quality of brown rice: variety, moisture, bursting rate, and cortical thickness, containing rice husk rate;
The structure of the whitening chamber: the diameter and length of the roller, the surface shape of the roller, and the gap between the whitening chamber;
Process parameters of the rice milling machine: whitening pressure, rolling speed, acceleration coefficient, etc.;
Operation of rice milling machine: flow rate, the thickness of rice knife, size of sieve mesh, control of discharge mechanism, the air volume of spray;
The number of white roads and the proportion of drainage.

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