Wood Grinding Cutter


Features of Wood Grinding Cutter

The wood grinding cutter is special pulverizing equipment. Its function is reasonable in design, compact in structure, safe and durable in use. It is extremely efficient in processing. After its promotion, it has a good processing effect. The motor-driven it. Low noise, simple structure, compact components, low price, extremely stable in working condition. Low energy consumption, high processing yield, good quality of prepared wood chips, and low processing cost.

The wood pulverizer is a new type of ultra-fine micro-powder equipment newly developed by high-tech advanced technology at home and abroad. The machine integrates the pulverization principle of various traditional wood pulverizers at home and abroad to innovate. And the traditional smashing principle the wood pulverizer has been successfully developed into a high-efficiency energy-saving wood pulverizer with three kinds of pulverization principles. It has a fineness analyzer and is specialized in light materials and fiber materials.  New brittle materials such as brittle materials and tough materials. The feeding inlet of the machine adopts self-suction feeding. Which guarantees safe production forever, which replaces the shortcomings of the traditional pulverizer feeding directly. Accidentally putting metal blocks and seriously damaging the wood powder machine. The machine is made with fine craftsmanship and high processing technology.

wood cutter

Working principle of Wood Grinding Cutter

The wood grinding cutter is a blade cutting and high-speed airflow impact process that combines collision and double comminution functions and enables fine material sorting and processing. In the cutting and pulverizing of the blade, the rotor generates a strong airflow. Which is rotated toward the cutting side of the blade, and the material is accelerated in a strong airflow. So that the material is double pulverized in repeated impacts, and the pulverization rate is accelerated.

Main use OF Wood Grinding Cutter

Wood grinding cutter combines slicing and smashing to cut branches and branches of 1 to 20 cm in diameter and can use on swarf of fibrous materials such as bamboo, grass and crop straw. The machine can smash up to 5 to 20 cm diameter rods and 20 cm sheets when the chips are pulverized. The machine is small in size but high in output and can flowe. Suitable for small charcoal plants and feed processing.

wood grinding cutter


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