Wheat Straw Baler


Wheat Straw Baler Introduction

In the past, straw was treated by incineration, which brought a lot of environmental pollution. In order to improve the utilization rate of straw, we started to produce wheat straw balers. So that we can understand more before buying straw balers. This product, the company’s professional and technical personnel on the basic types of wheat straw balers and their working principles for everyone to make the following introduction.

Wheat straw baler Working

Basic types of wheat straw balers

According to the definition of the finished product of the baler, we are divided into small wheat straw balers and large wheat straw balers. The small straw baler is mainly around and round bale baler. This baler is also the most fashionable and best-selling baler. It is not only small in shape, but also small and exquisite. It is very suitable for farmers. You can see from the picture that the color of this wheat straw baler is mainly green, technology and environmental protection, and the shape is very delicate. It can use with agricultural vehicles such as tricycles and tractors, especially tractor-driven balers. Due to its small size, it does not require much power. Therefore, we summarize the basic characteristics of a small, round wheat straw baler: small size, easy to operate, high efficiency, no need for too much power, a more common small wheat straw baler.

Wheat straw baler

Working principle of wheat straw baler

The wheat straw baler consists of a fuselage, a transmission mechanism, a feeding mechanism, a density adjusting mechanism, a grass pressing piston mechanism, a bale length control mechanism, and a wheel running mechanism. The electric motor (or internal combustion engine) drives the connecting rod to drive the feeding pressure plate and the piston to reciprocate through the transmission mechanism. The appropriate amount of material passes through the feeding port and under the action of the feeding pressing plate, enters into the storage grass cavity, and is pushed in by the grass pressing piston. And was pressed forward.

When the length of the bundle is reached, the insulation panel is inserted into the storage chamber, and then the grass is advanced. After the plate is removed from the storage chamber, the bundle can be bundled with the rope and ready for use: the machine can be flattened. The site is towed by a car or tractor for short distance movement. Automatically lead the rope when bundling, automatically pick up the wheat straw, automatically bundle the rope, automatically cut the rope, and adjust the size of the rope ring and the bale when the bale is adjusted by the adjustment of the size of the grooved wheel so that the bales are not scattered and not messy.

In order to make the wheat straw baling machine work for a long time, everyone should use the wheat straw baler after maintenance.

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