Vegetable Transplanter


Introduction to the structural characteristics and methods of use of vegetable transplanter

Many people like to grow their own vegetables. Sometimes they need a lot of care and patience in the process of growing vegetables, especially when the vegetables are just beginning to plant. We are often used to transplant the transplanters. This can protect the seedlings well. The following is the structural characteristics and methods of use of the seedling transplanter.

The seedling plant can plant seedlings cultivated in 32-128 holes, or other suitable seedlings, but can not use to plant seedlings cultivated in large nutrition cups. In addition, the planter is not suitable for mud planting and hydroponics but is only suitable for planting in a dry land. On different sides, when planting seedlings of different ages and different crops, the techniques are different. Farmers should master the planting techniques according to the depth of planting and plant spacing.
Seedling transplanter

Introduction to the use of the transplanter

1. Planting device assembly, bowl mouth, handle sleeve, fixed distance ruler, (foot optional)
2. Portable seedlings are inserted into the pine soil (wet soil and clay are not suitable for planting)
3. Then put the seedlings into the bowl
4. Squeeze the handle and lift it slowly. After lifting it, it will automatically cover the soil.

Seedling transplanter details

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