Stainless Steel Vegetable Seed Planter Use And Technical Parameters


Introduce Stainless Steel Vegetable Seed Planter

The second plant is a vegetable planting tool, iron or stainless steel, suitable for planting in the dry land after plowing, especially for seedlings. It has changed the traditional manual planting method, improved the planting efficiency by 3-5 times, and greatly reduced the labor intensity. Without bending, without squatting, standing can colonize vegetables.
The second plant is a supporting technological revolution after the application of plug seedlings. Although it is planted by a single plant, it is a good technological revolution in agricultural production.

With the development of agriculture, many regions in China are now vigorously developing vegetable agriculture. In the season of vegetable cultivation, ordinary manpower cannot meet the production efficiency of vegetable cultivation, so it is necessary to use a Stainless Steel Vegetable Seed Planter. Next, Aike will come to you to introduce the use and technical parameters of the vegetable Seed-planter.
These tools made transplanting seedling easier, faster and used less manpower.
It can be used for planting of Potato, Tomato, Onion, Maize(Corn), Brinjal(Egg Plant), Cabbage, Chili Pepper, Cucumber, Peanut, Garlic, Carrot, and many other Crops & Vegetables.

Vegetable Seed Planter usage

1. On the farmland which was covered by the plastic film, or farmland wasn’t covered by the film,  then

lose the handle to insert this machine into the soil.

2. At the same time, put the seedling into the machine cylinder.

3. Hold the handle, lift up the machine, then the seedling was planted.

4. According to the predetermined planting distance, repeat the above steps to grow the next one.

Technical Parameters of Stainless Steel Vegetable Seed Planter/seedling transplanter

Model Machine height Planting cylinder diameter Weight
AKBZJ-15 90cm 7.6cm 2kg

Maintenance editor for the second plant

The regular second plant, the whole body parts are basically made of stainless steel. The parts that need to be protected are springs and other rust-prone parts. After each use, put them in a dry and ventilated place, and apply oil or butter to the key protection parts.


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