Vegetable Seed Grain Planting Machine with an increase of 10-20% per mu


The rapid development of vegetable cultivation in China has become an important channel for farmers to increase their income. In order to effectively solve the problem of time and labor for vegetable sowing, serious waste of seeds and high production cost, Aike Machinery successfully developed the new vegetable seed grain planting machine, which filled the gap in vegetable cultivation machinery. The use of the equipment reduces the waste of seeds. A pound of radish can plant in three acres, which is two acres more than the artificial point, which greatly reduces the waste of seeds. Reduced costs. The equipment effectively solves the problems of a long time, labor and high cost of vegetable planting production in China. Provide advanced technology for the development of open-air vegetables.

Vegetable Seed Grain Planting Machine increase of 10-20% per mu

The vegetable seed grain planting machine has precise control of the next quantity. When planting, the seeds are dosed according to the amount, and the seeds are discharged regularly in a relatively good soil layer. The seedling planting distance is naturally reasonable. It reduces the planting efficiency of labor links in artificial underarms. It is more than 15 times that of artificial sowing. And because of the emergence of a single plant, the yield per acre is increased by 10-20%.

Advantage of Grain Planting Machine

The vegetable seed grain planting machine combines the advantages of other vegetable seeders. It is the world’s choice of seed drills for grain, vegetables, alfalfa pastures, Chinese herbal medicines, lawns, and other small seeds. The equipment can sow in 2-4 rows, and the spacing between rows and rows can adjust. Line spacing range: 7-38cm, plant spacing 8.13.15 adjustable range 2-51cm. Suitable for sowing radish, carrot, cabbage, rape, spinach, leeks, onions, and other vegetables and small grains such as millet. A single person in a rotary tillage plot can directly sow by hand, and a non-rotating plot requires 1-2 people to pull.

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