Use Steps of 3 Point hitch Garlic Planting Machine


The role of the Garlic Planter

For the garlic planter, the dryness and dampness of the garlic seeds, the tightness of the motor V-belt, the switching power supply voltage, etc.; the garlic planter needs to adjust the gap between the hobbing and the screen mesh. When the garlic planter was reinstalled, there were a lot of tricks, and there were many aspects to pay attention to. The themed activity feeding table should be flexible and flexible, and it should be able to support the upper cover of the machine after turning up. The inlet and outlet block partitions and the baffle shaft should be re-installed firmly. The gap between the baffle and the sides of the sound card frame should not be less than 5 millimeters. The baffle should be in good agreement with the front slide.

The surface of each tooth surface of the drum barrel should perpendicular to the drum axis and parallel to each other. The end rings of the two drum barrels should perpendicular to the shaft. The bearing seat is fixed on the sound card frame after the bearing is fixed. The drum should able to rotate the drum freely and should rotate freely, without jamming, without axial sloshing, and the radial tremor should not exceed 2 mm.

The longitudinal sides of the two sides of the concave screen should be parallel, and the vertical strips and the horizontal strips of the sieve should perpendicular to each other. The sliding plate and the dust-discharging plate should be tightly touched tightly after the concave screen, forming a closed fruit picking chamber. Machine drum type picking room. The gap between the equipment drum and the concave plate cannot adjust, and it can adjust. When reinstalling, it is necessary to ensure that the gap between the inlets is 98-105 mm.

The steps of using the garlic planter

The 3 point hitch garlic planting machine must adjust and service before application. Carry out adjustments and repairs. Before the safe operation, the operator should carry out a comprehensive inspection on the seeding machine to see if the seeding machine is not in good condition. Whether the connecting bolts of the various components are not fastened, whether the pulleys are re-installed is not strong, and the hand is rotated. Whether the pulley has collision friction phenomenon, picking the fruit and impacting the friction problem, and showing a part of the hobbing teeth for the condition of open welding and missing teeth.

Rotate the hobbing shaft by hand to observe whether the rotation is stable or not. It is not effective to check whether the V-belt tension of each transmission part is reasonable;
Check if the diesel engine is in good condition;
Check if the motor is not working properly and there is no leakage current on the power cord. In addition, each rotating component is to be rotated to reinstall the protective cover;
During the test run, the staff member should leave the planter first and wait for the operator to issue a required signal to start the test.

Maintenance of China Garlic Seeder Equipment

1. First, shake off the soil;
2. Use a knife to cut and place the roots of the garlic;
3. Use a knife to cut off the garlic straw and gather the garlic;
4. Bagging garlic;
5. Move the garlic bag to the transportation vehicle;
6. Ship the garlic to the drying place.

Technology key of Garlic sowing Machine

1. Effective and reasonable configuration of the whole machine to ensure a smooth, reliable and efficient operation.
2. Intermittent and continuous precise seeding to ensure planting plant spacing and point rate.
3, planting the shade level and planting the index.

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