Tractor Traction Spreader


 Introduction of tractor traction spreader

Simple operation, competitive price, throwing granule seeds, fertilizer! The width of the throwing can adjust independently by 0.5-6M per acre. and can adjust independently by 20 to 300KG.
The simple adjustment driver can adjust in the driving building, no need to get off the car to adjust. The control switch is very convenient and fast, very popular with merchants and farmers friends!
The spreader produced by our factory is simple to use so that your throwing work in the field is fast and even. More than 80 times more than manual work, reducing labor.
The labor intensity of throwing. In addition to saving working hours, the uniform throwing effect can bring greater output and economic benefits.
Tractor Traction Spreader

Spreading machine Installation conditions

Any farm vehicle with a 12-volt battery can be used. (small four-wheel, agricultural tricycle, large tractor)

Manure spreader

Can use to throw any granular seeds and fertilizers. Amount of feed (kg): 100 throw width (m): 1-10

Spreading machine How to use

The adjustment handle can adjust to the fertilizer (seed) machine. The machine is powered by the tractor’s own battery. The motor-driven spreader (seed spreader, sowing and fertilizing machine) electric spreader (seeding fertilizer) is used to carry out high The quality, large-area and high-efficiency sowing operation is mainly used for spreading grass seeds, wheat, corn, grain, and fertilizers, etc., and is not limited by the size of the seeds. It is suitable for surface operations in different conditions such as flat cultivated land, grassland, slope land and hills in agriculture, forestry and pastoral areas. The machine is equipped with various types of walking tractors and four-wheel tractor front suspension. The machine has the characteristics of good maneuverability, simple mechanism, convenient operation, uniform spreading, adjustable broadcast and broadcast quantity, and reliable use.
The spindle, bearing and gear is compact in structure, reasonable in layout, and the working width can be adjusted freely within the range of 1-8 meters. The whole machine has the advantages of anti-vibration and anti-corrosion and has a longer service life than similar products.
Tractor Traction Spreader

The installation method steps are as follows

1. Remove the front weight of the tractor, fix the spreader on the front bumper beam. And then adjust the tractor’s drive pulley to the spreader’s pulley in a straight line.
2. The length of the V-belt is adjusted with the different models of the tractor chassis, to ensure that the connecting conveyor belt cannot be too tight, free to stretch up and down not less than 5 cm.
3. Fix the adjustment handle in the middle of the steering lever, or install it in any convenient position. When not working, the handle should not pull up to avoid leakage when it is at rest.
The scope of use of the work: the spread of various granular fertilizers, wheat, beans, herb seeds, and snow melting agents.

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