Tractor Mounted Stalk Cutting Machine


There are many ways to use corn stalks. The western part of the United States mainly produces corn, but some farmers directly feed the corn to the livestock after harvesting or use bagged silage, and some use silage. The area of ​​the planting corn stalks in the agricultural area is small and scattered. One harvest period is 15 days, the corn stalk Stalk Cutting Machine is set/one harvest period, the working area is about 60 hectares, and the area of ​​the corn stalks is large. The working area is about 130 hectares.

Use of Tractor Mounted Stalk Cutting Machine

The hinged blade on the cutter of the rotary mower maintains its cutting state under the action of centrifugal force when the cutter head rotates at a high speed. When the resistance is too large or the obstacle is encountered, the blade will swing back to avoid damage. The blade can be used while changing the edge of the blade. Replacing the blade is also easier than a reciprocating mower. On the rotary mower, in addition to the safety device similar to the reciprocating mower, a protective cover is added above the cutter to ensure personal safety.



Tractor mounted Stalk Cutting Machine


Requirements of Tractor Mounted Stalk Cutting Machine

1. Supporting power: small four-wheel tractor with power above 20kw.
2. Working width: The working width of the Tractor mounted stalk cutting machine is determined by the power of the supporting tractor. According to the combination of tractor distance and forage species, the initial selection width is 1400mm.
3. 280 small four-wheel tractor parameters
(1) Rear-wheel track: 1570mm
(2) Hydraulic rear wall lifting force: ≥ 5.29KN
(3) Calibration power: 20.6KW
(4) Pulley outer diameter on the flywheel: 150mm
4. Upload dynamic disc cutter
(1) Number of cutters: 2
(2) Blade: 2X3 piece
(3) Cutter diameter: 500mm
(4) Cutter speed: 1833r/min

1. Working speed: 8-12km/h The quality of the prototype is controlled within 250kg.
The rotary disc mower is composed of a free disc, a driver disc, a cutter, a transmission, a suspension device, an elastic buffer, and the like. The working width is 1400mm, and the number of two discs is standard. The number of standard blades is 6 and the disc rotation speed is 2200r/min.
(1) The pasture harvesting operation is seasonal and the operation time is limited. Therefore, the working machine and the power machine should be separated. The power is output by a small four-wheel tractor belt. This machine adopts the front suspension connection mode, and the hydraulic cylinder of the small four-wheel tractor is used as the lifting power. A rotary upper drive disc cutter for the cutter.
(2) This machine uses a rotary cutter, which has strong adaptability to pasture, especially suitable for dense.
The lodgings and the entangled pastures work smoothly and can work at an operating speed of 8-12km/h with high productivity.
(3) Rotary cutter has high speed, and the safety protection of moving parts and cutters should be considered in the design.
(4) The left and right cutters are rigidly connected through the frame, and the blades on the two cutter heads are turned opposite when working to ensure that the grass is ridged and laid out neatly.
(5) Reduce the production cost of the whole machine to improve the economy.


Stalk Cutting Machine

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