Tractor Mounted Maize/soybean Planter use range


The Tractor Mounted Maize/soybean Planter is a no-till seeding machine produced by Aike Machinery Co., Ltd. for conservation tillage technology. The planter is mainly suitable for no-tillage sowing, ridge-free no-tillage, and wide-narrow ridge-free no-till sowing in the case of all corn stalk coverage or root mulching; the same applies to conventional sowing. During the operation, the side deep fertilization, the cleaning of the seed bedstraw, the compaction seedbed, the extrusion cover soil, and the heavy pressure suppression are completed.

tractor mounted maize soybean planter

Tractor Mounted Maize/soybean Planter use range

The corn no-tillage precision fertilizing planter has wide application range and high reliability; it can be widely applied to no-tillage or conventional sowing of protective tillage corn in the northeast, north China, northwest and other areas; soybean and oil can be replaced by replacing corresponding seed parts. The sowing of sunflower and other crops is a must for no-till sowing and conventional sowing. The tractor mounted maize/soybean planter installed by the tractor has the characteristics of uniform seeding, uniform depth, stable row spacing, good soil replenishment, seed saving, and high work efficiency.


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