Tractor Mounted One Row Sweet Potato Planter Product Application


With the increasing planting area of potatoes in China, the season of potato planting is a huge project for farmers. In order to reduce the labor of farmers when planting potatoes, potato planters are used. Once the device was launched, it was welcomed by a large number of potato growers. It not only reduced the farmer’s labor but also improved the efficiency of potato planting. Next, Aike, a manufacturer specializing in the production of agricultural equipment, will introduce you to the Tractor Mounted One Row Sweet Potato Planter and its application.
potato planter 1Potato Planter Application
The Tractor Mounted One Row Sweet Potato Planter produced by Aike Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced an economical and practical potato planting machine that is advanced and manufactured according to the needs of domestic users. The machine can be used with 20-50 horsepower tractors. Potato Planter has the characteristics of compact structure, good maneuverability, reasonable layout, stable work, strong adaptability, and simple maintenance. It can adjust the depth and plant spacing according to the agronomic cultivation requirements of different regions. The machine integrates ditching, fertilizing, sowing, covering soil and shock pressure, and can complete ditching, fertilizing and sowing operations at one time.

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potato planter 3

Model number
3 point linkage
Mounted hp
Package / 20GP
14 Sets
3-5 mu/ h
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