1.4m-2.1m Tractor Mounted Mower With Raker For Hot Sale


Introduction To 9GL Series Mowers From Aike Machinery Co., Ltd.

The 9GL Tractor Mounted Mower With Raker produced by Aike Machinery Co., Ltd. absorbs the advantages of various domestic models, research and development, design and production, has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable quality, and other characteristics, and is exclusively produced by users.

1.4m 2.1m Tractor Mounted-Mower for sales

1.4m-2.1m Tractor Mounted Mower With Raker Characteristics

1. 9GL series mowers are suitable for flat grassland and mountain, sloping land and hilly grassland in agriculture, forestry, and pastoral areas, used for harvesting natural and planted pasture, alfalfa, reed, and green storage.

2. The Mower is suspended from the rear of the tractor and connected to the hydraulic device of the tractor. The cylinder controls the linkage mechanism to lift and lower, the cylinder shrinks to complete the wedding, the cylinder extends out of the hay and the rake is automatically pulled up, and the haystack is crossed. The running condition of the wedding is within the vision of the locomotive driver, and the car and the machine are integrated. The hydraulic cylinder control is up and down, and the driver can perform the scribing operation in one operation.

By changing the suspension connection point, Tractor Mounted Mower With Raker can solve the defects such as fragile and easy to loosen the frame. The turning radius of the whole machine is small, it is suitable for a wide range of operation and has strong versatility. It can be used with 12~60 horsepower tractors.

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