Tractor Mounted Maize/soybean Precision Planter


Tractor Mounted Maize/soybean Planter

The Tractor mounted maize/soybean Planter is a new type of mechanical equipment developed by Aike Machinery’s technicians. It can be widely used in large farms, homes, etc. The planter adopts an increased seed box design, which can reduce the number of times of adding fertilizer and improve work efficiency. The customize corn/soybean precision planter uses a high-tech electronic monitoring system to prevent seedless seedling problems and improve seeding quality.

The machine is equipped with a longitudinal traction device, which can easily transfer the land. The longitudinal transport wheel adopts spring-assisted lifting and is flexible in operation. The planter arranges the opener to add a depth-limiting device, which greatly improves the consistency and stability of the sowing depth. The device unit adopts a four-bar linkage structure, which reduces the requirement for the flatness of the ground preparation. The machine’s depth limit and suppression are both screw adjustment, which is convenient and flexible. The machine is equipped with 14-speed ratio gearboxes, which can easily adjust the plant spacing. The tracker with an automatic reversing hydraulic valve hydraulic structure is easy to operate.

As a corn/soybean precision planter manufacturer, Aike’s Tractor mounted maize/soybean planter is a versatile all-hanging agricultural machine that is versatile and easy to operate. The machine is suitable for sowing and fertilizing fertilizer on the soil after arable land and soil preparation work. It can accurately sow corn, beans, rapeseed, and other crops, and can complete fertilization, trenching, sowing, covering soil and repression. The machine line spacing, working depth, plant spacing, and fertilization amount can be easily adjusted within a wide range.

Maize/soybean Planter spacing parameter

Speed1  Speed2 Speed3 Speed4 Speed5 Speed6 Speed7 Speed8
10cm 13cm 16cm 19cm 22cm 25cm   28cm 31cm

This planter sows 1 or1 seeder at a time. Best sowing walking speed:3.5km/h. Warn: do not change the speed when it is working.

Main features of maize/soybean planter

1. The seed metering device adopts a finger-clamp type seed metering device, which is accurate in seed sorting, has better adaptability to seeds of different sizes, and has a faster seeding speed.
2. Sowing corn and soybeans are easy to replace the seed tray.
3. The V-shaped ground wheel is self-contained and has good repression effect.
4. Improve the strength of the opener, improve the sealing structure, work more reliably, and have a longer service life.
5. With the double-pitch chain, the work is more reliable, and the elastic tension is adopted. It is convenient and quick to change the sprocket.
6. The machine adopts the unitary profile. Which not only ensures the consistency of the seeding depth but also has a large amount of copying, which is suitable for different geographical conditions.

 Parameters of maize/soybean planter

Dimension(L*W*H)mm 1430*1260*1067 1430*1660*1067 1460*2400*1150 1800*1720*1150 3440*1720*1180
Weight(KG) 158   220 235   350 458
Row-spacing mm    400-900 400-600    600-900 500-700 500-700
Rows 2 3 4 5 6
work width mm 800-1200   1200-1800 2400-3600 2000-2500 2500-3000

Aike is a professional corn/soybean precision planter manufacturer. Our company’s equipment not only has good quality performance, but also the China corn/soybean precision seeder price is cheaper than the market. Now we sweet corn/soybean planter for sale, and we can customize corn/soybean precision planter according to users’ needs. Users who need them are welcome to order.

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