Tractor Mounted Maize / soybean Planter From Aike Company


Tractor Mounted Maize/soybean Planter is used in conjunction with tractor equipment, which not only provides high seeding efficiency but also saves labor costs. It is the best equipment for users to sow corn/soybean.

Maize/soybean Planter working process

Before planting, put the right amount of seeds, do not exceed half the capacity. Fertilizers such as urea can also be placed to fertilize crops such as corn. When the user receives the planter, there are three main components inside, the handle, the main unit, and the fixing bolts. Installation and commissioning can be done according to the instructions.
It is generally recommended to plant about 3 capsules per hole when sowing soybeans. About 2 capsules when planting corn. Reasonable close planting to increase production. The direction of sowing should not be reversed. Follow the seeding direction of the seed metering device and check the remaining amount of seeds at any time. Don’t leave.

The Tractor Mounted Maize/soybean Planter is a product specially designed by our company to hire corn planting experts to plant corn and soybeans for the average farmer. A seeding adjustment function has been added to the new model. A wide range of suitable seeds. High reliability. It is especially efficient. Generally, an adult can sow soybeans about 8 acres a day. Sowing soybeans and corn is easy to manage. At the same time, the farmers also use it for fertilization and put the fertilizer into the planter to fertilize the corn.



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