Tractor Mounted Maize/soybean Planter From Aike Company

Tractor Mounted Maize/soybean Planter from Aike Company, the machine works with the tractor, it is mainly used for single-grain or double-grain sowing of corn and soybean in no-tillage land and can be applied with grain-like fertilizer. Maize/soybean Planter can complete the process of ditching and fertilizing, planting ditch, sowing, covering soil, and repressing at one time. The mulching mechanism can complete the mulch cover.

Product Advantage: Tractor Mounted Maize/soybean Planter, High precise seeds clearance, evenly sowing, stable, seed-saving and less thin out seedling. Adopts “zero speed”, equal potential energy, low position feeding seeds, precise dibbling hole, the seedling is even and sturdy, the seedling spacing is even. Feed outlet is driven by the gear. There is an anti-reverse mechanism at the inside of driving gear to avoid troubles arising from machine reverse turning. You can adjust the rows spacing by changing different driven gears. We can pick out the whole disc cover when clear the seeds. Seeds clearance is convenient and thoroughly.
The equipment is professionally produced by Aike, a professional Corn/Soybean Precision Planter manufacturer. Users who are in need are welcome to come and consult.

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