Tractor Mounted Maize/soybean/Wheat Planter From Aike Company


Tractor Mounted Maize/soybean Planter from Aike Company

A wheat planter is a mechanical device that grows wheat seeds in the ground through a seeding mechanical system.
At present, the wheat planter is mainly equipped with tractors to carry out seeding, and there are fertilizing machines, planting machinery supported by tractors of 12~18 horsepower.
According to customer demand, the wheat planter has 12 rows, 14 rows, 16 rows, 18 rows, 24 rows, 36 rows of machinery.
The wheat planter is suitable for fertilization and sowing of wheat in plains and hilly areas. It has the characteristics of good general performance, wide adaptability and uniform seeding.

 Wheat planter working principle

The power of the wheat planter usually comes from the output shaft of the tractor, and then is transmitted to the power part of the planter through a certain mechanical transmission, and then the power is transmitted to the cutter shafts on both sides through the gearbox of the seed drill. The file enters the soil and opens the relevant soil. And the roots of some original crops can be removed, and then the seeds are put into the corresponding ditch by the seed output part of the planter, and the opener places the broken straw and roots on both sides of the seeding and fertilizing work position before ditching. If you choose a no-till wheat planter, you can directly cultivate the land, fertilize, and sow. The discharged seeds and fertilizer are dropped into the grooves through the opener, and finally, the loosened soil is compacted by the rear crushing wheel or the pressing roller by its own weight and friction, and the sowing of the wheat seeds is completed through the above process. The above is the sowing principle of the wheat planter.


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