Tractor Front Mounted Garlic Harvester


Introduce for  tractor front mounted garlic harvester

This product has been practiced many times and the effect is very good. It has been highly recognized by garlic farmers and promoted products in the garlic area.

Features OF Garlic harvester

The garlic harvester is a utility model discloses a garlic harvesting machine. Which comprises a frame, a plurality of openers, a plurality of colters, a plurality of sets of mechanisms for pulling up and moving the garlic, a plurality of saw blades for removing the garlic stems, and garlic. Stem discharge trough, garlic discharge trough.

The mechanism for pulling up and moving the garlic, including multiple sets of lower crawler belts and upper crawler belts. A certain gap is reserved between the upper and lower crawler belts of the two groups, the gap clamps the garlic stems. And the garlic is in the upper and lower tracks. During the sub-movement, it is pulled up and moved to the rear of the frame. The track sub-drive axle is connected to the transmission through the chain drive pair I. The transmission is connected to the drive shaft via the chain drive pair II.

When in use, the rack is installed at the front end of the tractor. The opener digs deep grooves on both sides of each ridge of garlic. The colter lifts the garlic up, the garlic stems enter the upper and lower crawler pairs. And the adjacent two crawlers the garlic stem is clamped and moved to the rear of the frame. The saw blade cuts the garlic stem, the garlic stem enters the garlic stem discharge trough, and the garlic enters the garlic discharge trough.


Tractor Mounted Front Garlic harvester


Use OF Garlic Harvester

Connect the unit to the front frame of the single-cylinder diesel engine, screw it to the front frame, and tighten the screws. The lower end of the front cylinder has an oil eye, and the end of the high-pressure oil pipe having the elbow is fixed on the upper end, and the other end is fixed on the output port of the oil pressure lifting under the seat. When working, use the lifting rod to adjust the lifting and lowering, lowering by its own weight, and adjusting the front wheel by the depth. Use a B-shaped V-belt of around 2800, straight ahead. There is a pinch wheel in the middle and the triangle is placed on the wheel. Do not tighten the V-belt too loose, and the 7-shaped plate iron is above the V-belt.

Before the ground, the ground is manually arranged, which is convenient for the machine to turn around and turn, and after the start, the machine will fall to a certain depth and then go forward. It is not easy to hurt the garlic, and the effect is better after adjustment.

Matters needing attention

Garlic harvester

High-speed operation is prohibited. The gearbox is filled with gear oil of 4-5 cm depth. During use, pay attention to whether the screws on the machine are loose and must be kept tight.
This machine weighs 200 kilograms. Do not work in an environment where the soil is too soft and has a hard object. A soft machine is easy to put on hold, and a hard object can easily damage the knife and the machine. If there is damage, please stop the repair in time.
Do not adjust the machine too deep or too shallow, be skilled in the operation, do not let children close, do not modify it.

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