Tractor And Hand Push Garlic Seeder


Introduce for Tractor And Hand Push Garlic Seeder

The garlic planter is a kind of agricultural machinery with a small earth cover and earthenware, including a hopper. The hopper is equipped with a seed shaft and a seed meter. The seeding device is provided with a plurality of funnels, and the bottom of the frame is detachably mounted. The opener has a flat earther in front of the opener, a soil cover after the opener, a ground wheel mounted on the frame end. The ground wheel is connected to the seed shaft through the transmission structure, and the rear end of the frame is detachable. The seat has a drawbar at the front of the frame.

The small garlic planter provided by the utility model can effectively control the seeding depth by adopting the ground wheel transmission and the support. And the detachable seat can be seated on the operation of walking operation, and the machine is flexible in use. Sex, the front shovel can sow the wheel groove of the tractor, and the shovel can cover the seeds sowed well. It can sow garlic, wheat, soybean, corn, and other plants.


Characteristics OF Tractor And Hand Push Garlic Seeder

The tractor and hand push garlic seeder has a variety of models, which can select according to different agronomic requirements and soil conditions.
The tractor and hand push garlic seeder ensures one seed per hole with high precision.
This machine can complete the sowing of hazelnut garlic in one time, and the productivity is high.
The depth of sowing can conveniently adjust to achieve agronomic requirements.

Method of operation of Tractor And Hand Push Garlic Seeder

1. Read the instruction manual carefully before starting the machine, and adjust and maintain it according to its regulations.

2. The machine uses 170 gasoline engine as its own power, to ensure the amount of working oil before starting.

3. It is not allowed to increase the spindle speed. It is not allowed to remove the safety guards of all parts.

4. It is strictly forbidden to operate after drinking. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to work. Those who do not master the rules of self-propelled garlic planter are not allowed to work alone. It is strictly forbidden to bring sick or fatiguing work.

5. When the problem is found, stop the inspection immediately and eliminate the fault.

6. The work site should spacious and equipped with fire protection equipment.

Maintenance of Tractor And Hand Push Garlic Seeder

1. Check the fasteners of each part before and after the operation to prevent loosening and damage to the machine.
2. During the operation, add 30* oil to the oil filling holes every 2 hours. And add grease to each part of the bearing every 1 month to ensure good lubrication during work.
3. After stopping the operation, the weeds and dust in the machine should be cleaned in time, and the lubrication parts should refuel and maintained. When not in use for a long time, store them in a dry warehouse to prevent the wind and rain from entering the water.

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