Tips to be aware of when using corn/soybean planter correctly


The 2 rows Tractor Mounted Corn Harvester has the characteristics of uniform seeding, uniform depth, stable row spacing, good soil coverage, seed saving, and high work efficiency. The use of the device brings great convenience to the user. However, users should pay attention to some important tips when using them.

Tips to be aware of when using corn/soybean planter correctly

First of all, from the early retirement of consumables. The wearing parts are easy to wear and scrap as the name implies. At present, the materials of the wearing parts are nothing more than nylon, cast iron, die-cast aluminum, and steel. And these parts are mostly distributed in the seed. On the device. The seed meter is the heart of the tractor mounted maize/soybean planter and the cost is also relatively high. Wear is nothing more than abrasive wear. Therefore, to prevent premature scrapping, the main attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the seeds. That is to say, the better the cleanliness of the seeds, the more difficult they are to scrap early. Prolong the service life and save money, so before the seeds are added to the seed box. It should guarantee no sand, debris and large dust.

Secondly, durable parts such as racks, fertilizer boxes, sports pairs, etc. The phenomenon of damage to the rack is that the frame is deformed due to accidental bending or torsional deformation. Or artificially adding excessive seed bags or fertilizer bags to the machine. During the use, artificial accidents should be avoided to avoid overloading on the machine. The waste bin is mainly scrapped because the humidity of the fertilizer is too large. The fertilizer is not smooth, the external force is cracked and cracked. And some cannot clean in time and corroded and scrapped. Therefore, it should clean and dry in time, rust-proof and rain-proof, dripping. Specifically, pay attention to the use of pre-examination, maintenance, use after cleaning, anti-corrosion several links.

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