Tips for proper operation of the garlic planter


3 Point hitch garlic planting machine is a new type of garlic planter. It can widely use in plain and hilly areas for large-scale, mechanized sowing. It can use alone or in small and medium-sized agricultural tractors commonly used by farmers. Used in combination, the garlic planter realizes the large-scale continuous seeding of a wide range of garlic through the successful turning of the garlic. Which can realize the scale and mechanization of garlic planting.

Correct operation of the garlic planter

Automatic tractor-mounted garlic sowing machine is a machine used for garlic sowing. How to operate correctly and safely when sowing, what problems should pay attention to when planting seeds, which can ensure correct seeding and avoid failure.

1. Before planting the seeding machine, pay attention to check whether there are any defects in the seeding parts. Whether there are any foreign objects in the seedbox, and oiling the oiling parts according to the situation.
2. Garlic should inspect for mechanical parts that are easily damaged before planting in spring to avoid delays in planting and delay in farming. Garlic must clean and dry, do not mix with straw and stones and other debris, to avoid blocking the seeding mouth, affecting the quality of sowing. Should carefully select seeds during precision sowing, otherwise, will affect the quality of the seeding.

3. Prepare all preparations before planting. When planting, we must grasp the matters of sowing, turning, and work. The sowing machine should avoid parking when working. When parking, in order to avoid the occurrence of broken strips, the planter should be raised, backed up for a distance, and then planted.

4. Pay attention to safety during operation to avoid safety accidents. Pay attention to the maintenance of the machine and the removal of debris when the machine is parked and stabilized.

Reasons for different planting depths of garlic planter

China garlic seeder equipment why the planter is different in the planting time is caused by the operation on the rotary plowed land. The soil is relatively soft. The planter is shallow on both sides, some are shallow on the left and some are shallow on the right. But the middle is not shallow, it is because the tractor tires are not pressed in the middle. So the middle is deep, the tires are pressed against the ground to form two grooves. The legs are just inside the ditch, and there is no garlic cover. On the outside or very shallow, you need to pay attention to the choice of the planter to widen the tractor tires. This situation will not occur. If you encounter this situation, you can solve the problem by where a screw is fixed by the groover. Loosen it to adjust the upper and lower, adjust the depth required by yourself, and fasten it. When the garlic is planted without tillage, it can restore.

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