Tips for improving the efficiency of peanut planters


Peanut mechanized seeding techniques are divided into two types: film mulching and non-film mulching. Peanut mechanized film seeding technology is a technique that utilizes multiple operations such as fertilizing, sowing, spraying, mulching ridging all in one peanut planter. No filming is the process of the machine without the film during the operation. Mechanical sowing is an important technical measure to improve seeding efficiency and sowing quality and achieve timely sowing. Peanut sowing is a fine-grained seeding. China peanut planter equipment should effectively combine with peanut agronomy. And timely and appropriate according to the technical requirements of peanut seeding operations, laying a foundation for good growth and development of peanuts. Mechanized sowing and fertilization are more uniform and accurate than manual, and the depth is consistent. And the efficiency is high and the speed is fast. At the same time, it creates favorable conditions for the subsequent peanut field management operation.

Tips for improving the efficiency of peanut planters

Peanut planter with fertilizer machine as a mechanized one in agriculture, it can be regarded as a more efficient option for seeding. As a professional multi-function peanut planter supplier, let’s take a look at tips for improving the efficiency of peanut planters.

1. Selecting a plot of mechanized planting of peanuts, the terrain should be flat, gentle slopes can also be, but the slope should small and slow, the ridge direction should perpendicular to the contour line of the slope, and the ridge should be smooth. Never choose a plot with uneven upper and lower slopes.

2. Prepare the machine. According to the amount of work that various machinery can undertake, think about the maintenance time during the operation and the time of the farm. Prepare the machine and debug the power machine and the working machine before the operation.

3. The deep selection of the plot selected as mechanized planting must stop deep turning, and the depth should reach 20~25 cm. The rolling pressure should repeat and at a certain angle with the ridge to eliminate the ditch.

4. Fertilizers and pesticides according to the number of regulations, the farmyard manure and chemical fertilizers used as base fertilizers and the pesticides to apply are evenly spread in the air by manual or spreader. It is also possible to use a sprayer to separate the shovel and to pour fertilizers and pesticides into the soil. It is also possible to use a planter equipped with a fertilizer applicator to apply fertilizers and pesticides at the same time as planting.

5. Prepare peanut seeds and make selections and traps according to planting requirements. The key is to cut the buds so that each bud reaches 40 to 50 grams and the size is average. Do not have long or flat buds to reduce the rate of empty plants and double plants, and ensure that the quality of the seeding reaches the agronomic request.

6.2-4 rows multi-function peanut planter mechanical sowing conditions are the same as for normal planting. But with a peanut seeder, fertilizing, sowing, spraying, mulching ridging all in one peanut planter. When using peanuts for sowing, it is necessary to adjust the sowing depth and the thickness of the soil to make the sowing depth about 10 cm and the thickness of the covering soil about 15 cm. Seeding specifications, line spacing is 90 cm, plant spacing 20 cm, or line spacing is 80 cm, plant spacing 22 cm. The planting density is about 3,700 trees per mu. The line spacing can no longer be small, otherwise, it will not be able to use the tractor to stop the field management and harvest. Also, note that the average distance between the lines is different. Otherwise, it is easy to injure the seedlings when cultivating the soil with a tractor, so that the number of trees is reduced.

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