Tips for improving the efficiency of Corn/Soybean Precision Planter


Aike Machinery produces a tractor-mounted maize/soybean planter is a new type of planter. Now when using corn/soybean precision planter, we need to meet these requirements in order to be able to use them better. As a professional corn/soybean precision planter manufacturer, Aike Machinery will give you some tips on how to improve the efficiency of soybean planters.

Tips for improving the efficiency of soybean precision planter

Sweet corn/soybean planter needs to prepare with fertilizers and seeds before planting. Fertilizers, as an important part of agricultural production, play an important role in agricultural production, with an appropriate amount of farmyard manure and compound fertilizer at a rate of 100 kg per mu. Pour into the fertilizer box of the planter. Before planting, the seeds should be selected, dried, soaked and cut. When ready, they should be poured into the box of the soybean planter.
The new soybean planter has the functions of automatic cultivation and field cleaning. But for the efficient operation of the planter, all the large stones and bare grassroots before the sowing road should be removed during the sowing. After the seeding machine is planted, the field should be arranged and cleaned up. Fertilizers and seeds so that corn and soybeans are effectively sown.

How should maintain the potato planter?

China corn/soybean precision seeder is a very practical agricultural machinery product for farmers, which has made great contributions to shortening spring plowing time and improving planting quality and efficiency. Then how to maintain the corn/soybean precision planter after the planter is in use. Below Aike Machinery has compiled some knowledge to help farmers to better use soybean planters.

When sowing, the corn/soybean planter needs to be cleaned before and after daily use to avoid problems the next day, especially those with longer contact with the soil. These parts are easily mixed or blocked by the soil, for example, when they are soiled. When it is not in time to clean up, planting may be delayed, and only need to be cleaned with a hard object.

In the later stages of sowing, after sowing and playing, make sure that the product has completed its task. The product is completely disassembled and cleaned, and all locations in contact with the soil and seed fertilizer should be cleaned one by one to avoid being washed, textile fabric or brush can be used to clean, store soybeans after cleaning the planter to avoid direct sunlight or moisture.

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