Tips for choosing a Hay Straw Grass Silage Baler and Packaging Machine


Automatic hay round baler grass straw silage baler and packing machine can automatically complete a series of operations such as extrusion compression. Bundling and coating of wheat, pasture, and other crop straws. And can use with a variety of models of silk reels or twisting machines. Can adapt to a variety of different regional operations. The company is now equipped with two types of rope strapping and mesh strapping. Silage rice straw round bundling machine is relatively simple in structure and small in size. So its price is relatively cheap. Daily operation and maintenance are very simple. And the density of bales it hits is larger than that of square balers. It is convenient to transport and store. It can store in the open air for 2-3 years. And it can work continuously and with high efficiency.

Introduction to Straw Silage Baler and Packing Machine

The hay round baler grass straw silage baler and packing machine from Hexie Machinery have effectively package and recycle hay straw waste crops. Which is also a testament to the strong recovery power of hay and corn straw balers. The corn stalk baler is mainly base on the characteristics of the straw and also has a packaging plan to carry out the work effectively. For the corn straw baler hydraulic cylinder, the stroke is longer. And the size after retracting is smaller. It is suitable for the occasion where the space for placing the hydraulic cylinder limit and the stroke requirement is long. It often uses in construction machinery and transportation machinery.

Tips for choosing a Hay Straw Grass Silage Baler

1. Check the nameplate labeling contents, including machine model, external dimensions. Supporting power, production date, manufacturer name, etc. See if full/semi-automatic silage baler packing machine manufacturers is a regular business.
2. Try to choose a production company, which is good for future mechanical maintenance and repair.
3. After receiving the machine, check the appearance quality of the machine and whether the exposed rotating parts and power output shafts are safe and protected. And whether they are marked with warning signs.
4. Check if the full/semi-automatic silage baler packing machine has a “Three Guarantees” certificate. A factory certificate, and an instruction manual.

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