Tips for better harvesting of corn


Work principle of Corn harvester

Use factory supply and widely used agricultural walking tractor driven mini corn harvester harvested under the growth state of the cor. And the stems of the ears were pulled off under the action of the picking rolls and the picking boards. Due to the difference in height between the inner and outer picking rolls, the ears fall into the ear box. And the ears are filled and the boxes are piled up. The high-speed rotating cutter cuts the straw from the root and enters the pulverizing mechanism to chop the pieces into 3-5CM long pieces. After the chopping, the straw naturally falls. The ears are then transported to the field, peeled with a peeling machine, and threshed after drying.

Technical specification of Harvest corn

In order to ensure the harvest quality of corn and the effect of straw treatment, reduce the breakage rate of ear and seed, the pass rate of straw returning, the pass rate of root stalk and the requirement of straw cut silage. Use China walking tractor single-row corn harvester should meet the following requirements :
1. The single-row corn harvester harvest corn should carry out in a timely manner. When the corn kernels are just ripe, try to harvest the straw before it turns yellow.
2. The corn harvested with the straw returning to the field should harvest as much as possible after the corn kernels mature for 3 to 5 days. So that the corn kernels are more full and the moisture content of the fruit draft is favorable for the peeling operation. The straw turns yellow, and the water reduction is more conducive to smashing the straw. Which can relatively reduce the power loss.
3. According to the size of the plot and the spacing of the planting and the quality of the work, select the appropriate machine. And make a specific harvesting route before the operation. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the machine, prepare the manual cutting and cutting.

The tips of Harvest corn

1. 10 to 15 days before harvest. In response to the lodging degree, planting density and row spacing of the corn, the sag of the ear, the minimum height of the ear, etc.. Make a field investigation and formulate an operation plan in advance;

2. 3 to 5 days in advance, leveling the ditches and ridges in the field. And installing signs such as water wells and poles for obvious obstacles to facilitate safe operation;

3. Before the operation, the test harvest should be carried out. And the machine tools should be adjusted to meet the agronomic requirements before they can be put into formal operation;

4. Before the operation, adjust the gap of the picking roller to reduce the grain breakage. During the operation, pay attention to the smoothness of the spike lifting process to avoid jamming and clogging. Observe the fullness of the ear box at any time, and dump the ear in time to avoid Jamming after overflow or unloading of grain after fullness;

5. Correctly adjust the working height of the straw returning machine to ensure that the stubble height is less than 10cm. So as to avoid soiling and damage of the returning tool;

6. If the derailleur is installed, it should ensure that the depth of the person except the boring tool is kept consistent with the depth of the hoe to ensure the quality of the work.

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