Threshing method of rice and wheat thresher


China diesel motor multi-crop paddy wheat rice thresher 125 is a new type of threshing machine which is used to thresh, separate and sort the harvested rice-wheat in order to obtain the desired grain. In the rice-wheat threshing device, impact, rubbing, rolling, combing, and other methods are often used to thresh the wheat. Its working principle mainly uses the impact or friction between the wheatear and the threshing element for threshing.

Threshing method of rice and wheat thresher

1. Impact threshing
Newly designed model 125 large rice and wheat thresher threshing wheat by the interaction of threshing elements and rice-wheat. Increasing the impact force can improve productivity and ensure threshing, but it will break and damage the wheat kernels. Reducing the impact force can effectively ensure the integrity of the wheat kernels, but the threshing time will be prolonged, so when using impact threshing, a device to adjust the speed of detachment should be added.

2.Kneading and threshing
The wheat is threshed by the friction between the rice and the threshing element. The degree of threshing is related to the amount of friction, which increases the friction on the wheat. It can improve the productivity and the removal rate, but it will hull or peel the wheat. The size of the gap between the drum and the concave plate can be adjusted on the threshing device.

3.Rolling threshing
High-efficiency paddy wheat rice thresher machine 125 the threshing of rice and wheat by threshing elements. During the rolling process, it will cause a relative lateral displacement between the kernel and the panicle. Generally, the shear resistance between wheat kernels and cobs is relatively weak. The above-mentioned relative displacement forms shear to break the connection and achieve the desired effect of threshing.

4.Brushing and threshing
When the working part is very narrow, passing between the rice ears will result in comb brush threshing. Usually with the stems stationary or a small amount of vertical movement in the comb brush. The combing ability is also related to the speed of the threshing element. The faster the speed of the threshing element, the higher the threshing productivity.

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