Three seeding methods for Vegetable Seed Grain Planting Machine


Vegetable seed grain planting machine is a planting machine that uses crop seeds as a seeding object. Planters for certain types of crops often referred to as crop species names, such as grain drills, corn seed drills, cotton planters, pasture spreaders, etc. The sowing and hole sowing of cultivating crops such as cockroaches. That is to say, in the same universal frame. A group of sowing or cultivating parts combined working machines and no-till seeding machines can install according to the required line spacing. If a fertilizer tank, a fertilizer device, and a fertilizer pipe are added to the grain seeding machine, fertilize while sowing. The equipment is combined with soil cultivation, spraying insecticides, herbicides, plastic film. And other operations and some can complete soil pre-planting, fertilizer application, soil disinfection, drainage, etc. production process.

Use of Vegetable Seed Grain Planting Machine

Vegetable seed planting machine for tractor mounted is a direct seeding planting on the depression after harvesting of the former crop. Also known as a direct seeder or hard seeder, which prevents soil loss, saves energy, reduces operating costs and supplies oil. Filling the parts. Before the spring sowing, the vulnerable mechanical parts should take to remove the seeding along the straight groove of the plow. And it is mostly used for the sowing of crops such as grain, pasture, and green corn.

Seeding methods of Vegetable seed Grain Planting Machine

(1) Spreading: It is generally used for fast-growing vegetables with short growing season and small nutrient area. This method is usually used in vegetable seedlings. The method of spreading can economically utilize the land area, but it is not conducive to mechanized farming management. At the same time, the requirements for soil texture, hoeing, spreading technology. And the thickness of covering soil are strict.

(2) Striping: Generally used for vegetables with long growing season and large nutrient area. As well as vegetables that require cultivating and cultivating the soil. Fast-growing vegetables can also drill by reducing the plant spacing and increasing the line spacing. This method facilitates mechanized management and requires less irrigation water.

(3) The hole sowing is also called on-demand, generally used for large vegetables with the long growing season, as well as vegetables that need to plant. Such as leeks and beans. The advantage of hole sowing is that it can create suitable water, warm, gas and other germination conditions in part. Which is beneficial for planting under bad conditions and ensuring seedlings and seedlings. For example, when the drought is hot, you can water the spot according to the watering point, and then thicken the stalks to protect the heat. When the seedlings are to be planted, part of the soil is removed to ensure the emergence of the seedlings. The seeding is the least used, and it is also convenient for mechanized farming management.

Seeder requirements for seeds

Seed sowing with dry seeds, sowing seeds with soaked seeds, sowing seeds with soaked seeds. And their method of sowing. But no matter what kind of seeds are used for sowing, they must be grounded before planting. Seed sowing is generally used in wet seasons in wet areas or arid areas. After the rain, the soil moisture is suitable, and the requirement for water in the germination period is sowing. Cover the soil after sowing, and properly suppress the soil surface. So that the soil and seeds are tightly attached to help the seeds absorb water.

If the soil is not enough, or the weather is hot and dry after sowing. It is necessary to continuously water after sowing, and always keep the soil moist until it emerges. However, watering can cause the soil to be knotted, which makes the emergence of time unprolonged and irregular. In order to prevent the surface of the soil after watering, the grass can sprinkle with sprinkling grass. Or the rows of high-stalk crops can be used for sowing. Seeds soaked and germinated must be sown in moist soil. When the sensation is not enough, water should plant before planting.

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