The tips for the correct use of corn harvesters during harvesting


The tips for the correct use of corn harvesters during harvesting

1. Before entering the field, first, join the threshing drum clutch to make the working parts rotate slowly. Then put the cutting table, and reel into the working position, and then select according to the situation of corn. Select the forward gear and start the engine at the rated speed. Remember not to cut with a small throttle. When turning the field, turn the header to lower the forward speed, but the engine speed cannot be reduced.

2. To operate the anti-blocking handle: corn harvester to prevent the drum in the harvest is blocked, set the anti-blocking handle to increase the gap between the entrance and exit of the concave plate. If the drum is blocked during harvesting, should decelerate the anti-blocking handle to eliminate after the blockage. Should raise the concave plate immediately to prevent the loss caused by the threshing.

3. Use the threshing and unloading handles: These two handles are the clutches that control the threshing and unloading of the grain respectively. The joints should be slow and gentle, and the separation should be fast and thorough. In particular, it should be noted that if the grain is blocked during the unloading of grain, it cannot force to start. First, the grain of the unloading grain should be taken out a part. Before the grain unloading handle, the grain in the granary is first removed.

4. To put the hydraulic lifting handle: operate the cutting table, when the wheel is lifted, one step to the desired position. When in place, return the handle to the “neutral” position and fix it properly.

5. Pay attention to the obstacles in the field: when driving the corn harvesting table in the field harvesting operations, close observation, there are whether have obstacles in front, to prevent the cutter from cutting hard objects to damage the blade.

6. To solve the small problems often encountered by corn harvesters at any time: if the cutter is clogged, the gap between the moving and fixed cutters is normal, the position is “centered”, the bolts and the arbor are not deformed. Because the weeds in the field are too more, the corn harvester should properly cut to eliminate it.

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