The tips for safe use of Knapsack Corn Automatic Corn Harvester


With the development of agriculture, develop a new type of agricultural machinery corn harvester, knapsack corn automatic corn harvester combine maize harvester. It not only saves people a lot of time but also greatly reduces the labor force. As important agricultural machinery for corn harvesting, this equipment has also been accepted and used by more and more users in agricultural production in recent years. Let me introduce you to the device in detail.

Use of Combine Corn Harvester

Knapsack corn automatic corn harvester can cut corn stalks. In the early days, we used manual one by one to pull out. Later, after the development of the times, the agricultural machinery was more and more advanced. Later, we used a lot of work such as harvesting, loading, and transportation of corn harvesters. It shortens the labor cycle of farmers’ friends and frees people from heavy physical labor. It can effectively reduce the intermediate links and has the advantage of saving labor and labor. At the same time, the corn stems are no longer simply chopped but turned into silk. Which is better than the mower, which is easy to compact and remove air and can be made into high quality silage.

Soft, silky silage increases the taste of the feed and increases feed intake and digestibility. After field inspection by inspectors, the smashed straw fully meets the farm purchase standard. Reducing the waiting for inspection and further improving transportation efficiency.
If adopt all the techniques can reduce the number of acres of corn stalk collection and storage, and can reduce the number of large straw harvesters.

Farm use machinery factory price tractor mounted combine corn harvester picks the ears under the corn-growing state. And the stem pulls off under the action of picking up the backing plate. Due to the difference in height between the inner and outer picking rolls, the ears fall into the ear box. And the ears are filled and the boxes are piled up. The high-speed rotating cutter cuts the straw from the root and enters the pulverizing mechanism to chop the pieces into 3-5CM long pieces. After the chopping, the straw naturally falls. The ears are then transported to the field, peeled with a peeling machine, and threshed after drying. This process not only saves people a lot of time, but also greatly reduces the labor force, and has become a good friend with farmers.

Safe use OF Combine Corn Harvester

1. First use the low 1 block to test the harvest, leaving a lane for the grain unloading truck and personnel to pass through the timely turn.

2. Before the unit enters the operation area, check again to see if the engine speed is stable in normal operation and strictly prevent over-speed operation.

3. During the operation of the corn harvester, the header and the chopper are attached to the rear suspension frame. And the vehicle is driven at a constant speed. Only the staff member is allowed to be alone.

4. Pay attention to heat dissipation. When the engine cooling water is too high, clean the radiator in time. If necessary, add cooling water. When adding cooling water, be careful not to be hot by the water tank cover.

5. Before harvesting, the staff should check the plant maturity and variety. The basic conditions of the land, the lodging situation, etc. Whether the clouds have wooden stakes, ridges, stones, gullies, etc. Take care to prevent the car from sinking. Harvested in erect or low-lying fields, and the plants are harvested in a timely manner.

6. The staff should have skillful technology, in order to adapt the header chopper to the terrain. In line with the agronomic requirements, will not make the chopper hammer claws hit the soil. The Fu and the picking roller collide with the hard object.

7. If the test is normal, the work of one gear can be appropriately increased. After harvesting a part, the quality of the harvest is stopped and then adjusted.

8. When the machine is turned to the end, do not stop immediately, and continue to run, so that the straw is completely crushed.

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