The role of Potato Harvester in farming


Potato harvesters Problems in the development

The use of potato harvester equipment is now very common in agricultural production. The use of the equipment not only improves the production of water for farmers but also solves the problem of harvesting potatoes. However, there are some problems in the development of the potato harvester. The next 3 points tractor mounted potato harvester manufacturer Aike Machinery will give you a detailed analysis.

When the potato harvester industry is developing, the first problem encountered is that during the demonstration and promotion process. Most models have doubts that the function is not stable and the production quality is not good. Especially the oscillating harvester, to the driver. The working conditions of the supply are extremely poor. And the driver is prone to fatigue. Some models are not soldered, and open welding often occurs during work.

There are also standard questions about the potato harvester in the matching technology. First, the seed potato cuts are manually operated, and the thickness is inconsistent. The small ones form the double or multiple representations of the cultivation. While the large ones show the emptying of the seed boxes. Second, the killing before the harvest is not complete, forming a harvesting machine to surround and block. Timely killing can also make the potato skin firm, reduce the damage of harvest, and improve the quality of the machine.

The cultivation and harvesting of potato harvesters are not harmonious. In use, it is easy to cause labor intensity. And there is a great disparity between machinery and labor. It forms a heavy “receiving” light “broadcasting”. Which causes the machinery to harvest the crops grown by adult animals because of the cultivation row spacing. The standard is not standard, showing the appearance of broken potatoes and leaks.

Potato harvester plays a role in the agricultural harvest

Now the single row tractor mounted potato harvester equipment plays a very important role in our agricultural production. And the harvester plays a very important role in the agricultural harvest. The harvester equipment is a device of the walking mechanism. Which mainly functions as a ground contouring and balancing machine during operation.

Main features of Potato harvester

1. The harvester equipment is designed with the angle of the excavation device and the lifting angle of the conveying. And separating device to effectively solve the problem of soil accumulation after the shovel.

2. The potato harvester adopts the accompanying depth limit mechanism to effectively reduce the resistance and improve the smoothness of the operation.

3. The equipment has high harvesting efficiency and low damage rate. Moreover, the operation is light and vibration-free, does not block grass. Has quick soil leakage, simple structure, and long service life.

4. The machine can directly extract the remaining agricultural film in the soil. Does did not affect the growth of the next season’s crops.

5. Farming machine potato digger cropper mounted agriculture tractor

Accessories cleaning of Potato harvester

Due to the poor working environment of the potato harvester, it is easy to entangle some weeds. Branches and so on inside the equipment accessories. Therefore, when we use it, we need to clean the equipment in time to keep the equipment clean.
Users should pay attention to the following points when maintaining the potato harvester:

1. When the user maintains the equipment, it is necessary to check whether the rotating parts are flexible in time. If it is not normal, it should be adjusted and eliminated in time. It is necessary to check the fasteners of each part in time if it is loose and timely tightened.

2. For long-term use, the machine should protect from rain and avoid contact with acidic substances to avoid corrosion. The blade should oil.

3. It is also worth noting that the soil of all parts of the machine should remove after the end of each shift.

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