The peanut planter efficiency


The peanut planter can be operated in a single operation or in a single operation. The main operation is to directly attach to the tractor and work on the cultivated land. The joint operation drives the cutter shaft through the power output shaft to rotate the plow, and the mulching, fertilization, water storage, sowing, soil, repression, film mulching, and film pressing on the membrane are completed by the rear mulch seeder. The peanut planter water-saving mulching cultivation technology is a fast-growing, high-efficiency scientific cultivation technology that can improve the temperature of the soil in the cultivated layer and improve the microclimate of the cultivated layer, so that the soil moisture, nutrients, and micro-surface The climatic conditions change in a direction favorable to the growth of crops, thereby artificially controlling the growth of crops, increasing water content, reducing water evaporation, eliminating the effects of adverse factors such as low frost-free spring drought and low temperature on crops, causing certain crops, cash crops, and vegetables. And grain and oil crops mature in advance, improve quality and increase production, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency, and ensure that agriculture increases production and income.

The peanut planter uniform spacing, uniform depth, film specifications, compact soil, with insulation, water retention, increased production, income increase effect, it is fully functional, from sowing, fertilizing, spraying in one go. It has saving labor costs of farmers and improved production efficiency. It has been promoted very quickly in recent years and has become a good helper for farmers.



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