The peanut planter

China Peanut Planter Equipment, the peanut planter series, introducing the advanced technology for producing peanut planter abroad, match four-wheel tractor and combine ditch, manure, sowing, casing soil, may complete manure and sowing simultaneously. In the area planted to ridging, can according to the needs of farmers grow ridging, according to size, can the power tractor combination of group, the production efficiency is more than 5-8 acres per hour, with compact structure, mobility, rational layout, smooth, maintenance of simple features, and according to different regional agricultural planting requirements, adjust depth, spaced and planting distance.

Tractor Mounted 2-4 Rows Multi -Function Peanut Planter has a three-point suspension that is connected to the tractor’s rear suspension. The method and steps are as follows:

1. Connect the central suspension rod on the tractor to the suspension point on the planter with the shaft.

2. Connect the left and right suspension levers on the lower side of the tractor to the lower suspension plate of the planter. After the sleeve is set, install the gasket and install the split pin.

3. After the installation, the planter will be tested several times and there will be no faults before it can be put into use.

The machine is suitable for the four-wheel tractor, which is mainly used for single grain fine seeding or double grain fine seeding peanut, no-tillage.

Product Characteristics:

1. The seeding device has high seeding precision and the qualified index of grain number reaches more than 95%.

2. Using the method of charging, high-speed operation, when the spacing of not less than 20 cm when the operating speed can reach 8 km/hour.

3. The hole spacing is accurate, the seedling division is even, the competition is small, individual advantages can be fully brought into play, the crops grow vigorously, and the yield is high.

4. With a single particle and two particle two guide wheel, when the user can choose to select seed single guide wheel, a point a seed, the seed can choose non selected double grain guide wheel, to achieve two-point sowing.

5.  Each row of transmission shaft as a whole, unified drive, the speed of one, driving power, even if one of the ground wheels accidentally slip, also does not affect the row of normal seeding.

6. The whole machine to change the spacing through the gearbox only can produce four kinds of plant spacing, as long as the change of transmission ratio, can be the whole machine row spacing change.

7. A transmission operation can simultaneously control the swing wheel radial swing and axial movement, convenient operation, transmission of all gears are made of high-quality steel after carburizing treatment, the transmission part adopts high-quality bearings, reliable performance.

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