Peanut Planter With Fertilizer Machine Use Range And Function


Every season when peanuts are planted, Peanut Planter with Fertilizer Machine become important equipment for peanut planting. The use of this equipment improves the user’s production efficiency and brings great convenience to users. So, while using the planter equipment, do you know what scope and function it has? Let’s summarize it for everyone.

The Peanut Planter with Fertilizer Machine is composed of a fixed rod, a film roll bracket disposed on the fixed rod, a longitudinal pull rod, a guide film roll mounted on the longitudinal rod, a laminating wheel, a soil covering plow and a twisting wheel, and are arranged on the fixing rod The film roll holder at one end is composed of a ejector pin, a tapered support cam and a bearing, and the film roll holder disposed at the other end of the fixed rod is composed of a top shaft connected to the brake disk and a support wheel rotating around the top shaft, the top There is a bearing between the shaft and the support wheel, and a brake valve plate is arranged on the disk surface of the support wheel plate. The two ends of the brake valve plate are respectively disposed on the brake disk and the adjusting lever rotating around the shaft, and the adjusting lever is provided Tighten the device and reset the torsion spring. The utility model has rolling friction between the film roll and the film roll support, and the adjusting lever adjusts the holding force between the brake valve plate and the support wheel, so that the support wheel has a suitable rotational resistance, and the film can always be in a reasonable state. Laying under tight conditions, the film is laid evenly and completely, and the film utilization rate is improved.

Peanut Planter is widely used in plain, hilly, large, medium and small plots, and plastic film coverings of potatoes, peanuts, yellow tobacco, cotton, corn, watermelon, and medicinal materials. The machine can adjust the width according to the demand. The use of the machine not only reduces the physical labor but also improves the production efficiency, and is very popular among farmers.

Planter with Fertilizer Machine function: It can cover all kinds of crop products that can cover the mulch film, such as potato, peanut, yellow smoke, cotton, corn, watermelon, medicinal herbs, etc.! It has dry and drought-tolerant functions and fertilization sowing function!



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