The Operation And Use OF Multi-function Peanut Potato Harvester


Agricultural use tractor with multi-function groundnut carrots harvester is new equipment developed by Hexie Machinery for harvesting potatoes. The equipment can adapt to the requirements of potato agronomy and growth characteristics. And can realize functions such as excavation, clearing and laying, and the whole operation process is smooth. Can use for families or large farmers. The high efficiency of the equipment can greatly reduce human labor. Reduce the shortage of rural labor, and reduce the cost of harvesting operations.

Features OF Multifunctional Peanut Potato Harvester

1. High harvesting efficiency, low breakage rate, and low skin breaking rate.

2. The design of the earthing angle of the excavating device is consistent with the lifting angle of the conveying and separating device. Which effectively solves the problem of soil accumulation after the shovel.

3. Use overload protection to effectively protect the machine.

4. It runs lightly and without vibration, does not block grass, has quick soil leakage, simple structure, and long service life.

5. It can drive 5.25~35 horsepower tractor, which is suitable for the small four-wheel tractor owned by most farmers at the present stage. It has the characteristics of wide adaptability, less investment, and quick effect.

6. During the operation, the harvester is driven by the tractor. And the potato hoe shovel with the soil. The shovel potato and soil push to the conveying separation device as the machine moves forward. During the operation of the conveying and separating device. Due to continuous rotation and orderly shaking, the potato on the conveying and separating device is continuously crawled with the anti-clogging device to the conveyor chain. And the soil on the conveying device is continuously swayed due to the shaking of the conveying chain. Cleared; the fruit rises to the high end of the conveyor chain. And the potato collecting devices on the left and right sides are laid on the ground in the collection area for drying and picking up.

The operation and use OF Multi-function Peanut Potato Harvester

1. When the machine is running, the equipment should run smoothly and smoothly.

2. The vibration can adjust according to the need, the bolt supporting the rubber wheel is loosened, the rubber wheel moves upward, the vibration becomes smaller, the rubber wheel moves downward, and the vibration becomes larger.

3. There is an overload protector at the chain drive. When the harvester is overloaded, between the active and passive sides will generate friction protect the machine components from damage. The overload torque can adjust by adjusting the nut. When the nut rotates counterclockwise, the overload torque becomes smaller. When it rotates clockwise, the overload torque becomes larger. Note that the adjustment range of the three bolts should be the same.

4. China tractor with multi-function potato garlic peanut harvester, before going to the ground. Adjust the height of the tractor’s three-point suspension and the depth-limiting wheel and lock it so that the excavation depth of the digging shovel is between 20 and 30 cm.

5. When excavating, when ensuring that the digging shovel can dig up the potato. Adjust the digging shovel to the shallowest to ensure the rate of sweet potato, but there should no leakage or digging, otherwise, there will be more potato loss.

6. When the road is walking, the walking speed of the tractor is ≤10km/h, and the rear output shaft is stopped. When working, the quality of the work should check at any time, and the walking speed and the lifting speed of the conveyor chain should adjust at any time according to the growth of the crop and the quality of the work. Ensure optimal harvest quality and operational efficiency. Under normal circumstances, the recommended operating speed is 2 to 5 km/h, and the output speed is 540 r/min.

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