The Main Types Of Vegetable Seed Grain Planting Machine



The seeding machine can be divided into the following types according to the seeding method.

The Vegetable Seed Planting Machine for Tractor Mounted, which spreads the seeds evenly on the plot. The commonly used model is a centrifugal spreader attached to the rear of the agricultural transport vehicle. It consists of a seedbox and a spreading wheel. The seeds are dropped from the seed box onto the spreading wheel and broadcasted in a tangential direction under the action of centrifugal force, with a broadcast amplitude of 8 to 12 meters. Powdered or granular fertilizers, lime, and other materials can also be spread. The spreading device can also be installed on an agricultural aircraft.

China Vegetable Seed Grain Planting Machine for Sale

It is mainly used for the seeding of small seeds such as grains, vegetables, and pastures. The Tractor Mounted Variety Vegetable seed Grain Plant is commonly used. During operation, the seed wheel rotates by the walking wheel, and the seed cup from the seed box is discharged into the seed tube according to the required seeding amount and falls into the opened groove through the opener, and then the soil covering device is used. The seeds are covered and compacted. After emergence, the crops are parallel and equidistant. The drills used for different crops have the same structure except for different types of seed meters and openers, generally consisting of racks, traction or suspension devices, seedboxes, seed meters, transmissions, seed tubes, The opener, the tracker, the walking wheel and the overburden pressing device are composed. Among them, the main factors affecting the quality of seeding are the seeding device and the opener. Commonly used seed metering devices are slotted, centrifugal, and disc type. The opener has the types of shovel type, shoe type, slide type, single disc type, and double disc type.

Vegetable Seed Planting Machine for Tractor Mounted

Planting machinery for seeding acupoints at a certain row spacing and hole spacing. Each hole can be used to broadcast 1 or several seeds, which are called single-grain or multi-hole seeding. They are mainly used for cultivating crops such as corn, cotton, sugar beet, sunflower, and beans, also known as row crop planters. Each planter can complete the whole operation process such as trenching, seeding, soil covering and cracking.

In view of the wide spacing of the row crops and the need to adjust, the Vegetable Seed Grain Planting Machine is often in the form of a single unit. Each seeding unit includes a complete set of working parts, which can complete the whole operation process such as trenching, seeding, soil covering and cracking. . A plurality of units are mounted on the same beam at a required line spacing, that is, a seeding machine that constitutes different line numbers and working widths, and is matched with tractors of different power levels. China has also developed sowing and cultivating universal machine, in which a group of sowing or cultivating parts can be installed on the same universal frame at the required line spacing.

There are many types of seed meters for Small particle seed and various vegetable seed planters. The disc type seed meter is used to discharge a certain amount of seeds by using a hole or a socket arranged on a rotating disc, and the seed disc having different hole numbers and apertures is selected according to the seed size, the seeding amount, the whole distance and the like. Use the appropriate drive ratio. The pneumatic seed metering device is a new seed metering device developed in the 1930s. The seed size is not strict, the seed damage is small, and it can adapt to high-speed operation of 7-10 km/h. Among them, the air suction type metering device uses the negative pressure seeding caused by the fan on the side of the seeding tray; the pneumatic type seed metering device uses the positive air pressure generated by the airflow generated by the fan in the seed box, and the seed filling process is affected by The influence of the wind pressure is smaller than that of the air suction type, and the work is relatively stable; the air blow type seed meter has a seed wheel similar to the eye wheel, and after the seed enters the hole, the air flow generated by the fan is blown into the hole from the air nozzle. . The Tractor Mounted Variety Vegetable seed Grain Planting Machine is specially designed for seeding cotton linters with short velvet, consisting of a horizontal mixing wheel mounted on the bottom of the cylindrical seedbox and a vertical dial wheel located below the seeding opening. In order to avoid the tangling of the cotton linters, the cotton seeds are often mixed with the ash and then placed in the seed box. Commonly used openers are mostly slippery. In addition, the hole-seeding machine still needs to be equipped with the depth-limiting device of the opener, the earth-covering device, and the pressure-reducing wheel, etc., and the chisel-shaped shovel or corrugated disc for no-tillage and sowing, and the push-dried soil shovel for drought-resistant sowing can be arranged as needed. , pesticide spraying devices for pests and diseases.

China Vegetable Seed Grain Planting Machine for Sale

A machine that sowed with precise seeding, plant spacing, and depth. It has the advantages of saving seeds, eliminating the seedling operation after emergence, and making the nutrient area of ​​each crop uniform. It is mostly a single-hole sowing and precise control of multiple hole-casting of the number of grains per hole. It is generally improved on the basis of various particle seeders and various vegetable seed planters. For example, to improve the shape and size of the hole type on the whole wheel seed meter, so that it only accepts one seed and prevents holes; directly connect the seed meter to the opener or place it in the opener to reduce the seeding height. Control the drop speed of the seed to avoid seed bounce; install a vertical disc seeder on the horizontal disc seeder to change the seeding direction and reduce the seeding height to avoid seed displacement; A co-position limited depth wheel is attached to the machine to ensure stable seeding depth. The multi-grain precision seeding machine is provided with a cavitating mechanism between the seed metering device and the opener so that the single seeds discharged by the seed metering device are collected into a precise number of seed groups in the caulking mechanism and then planted into the seed furrow. In addition, some new structures have been developed, such as seeding with a paper strip fixed in advance by a single seed or discharging the seed into a seed groove from a circular rubber or plastic seed hole that is vertically rotated.

Vegetable Seed Grain Planting Machine If you add fertilizer boxes, fertilizer excretion devices and fertilizer pipes to the grain seed drill, you can fertilize at the same time as planting. Combined with soil cultivation, spraying insecticides and herbicides, and plastic film (see film covering machinery), some of them can complete soil pre-planting, fertilizer application, soil disinfection, Open drains, sowing, pesticides and herbicides. The no-till seed drill is a direct seeding planting on the depression after harvesting the former crops. It is also called direct seeder or hard seeder. It can prevent soil loss, save energy and reduce operating costs. It is mostly used for grain, pasture and Seeding operations for crops such as green corn.

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