The importance of accessories for Single row and Double Row Potato planter


Selection of Potato planter

It is necessary to choose according to the actual use environment. Different types of potato planters are suitable for different areas. The correct choice of potato planter model. The suitable local land environment can make the equipment play its due role in the future production process.

When purchasing the 3 point hitch potato planting machine, pay attention to the understanding of its functions. Try to buy a potato planter with full-featured and more convenient use, and pay attention to the design of a reasonable potato seeder for later use. Because of potatoes planter is a friend of the peasant. If the structure of the machine is complicated. It will bring great difficulties to the operation of the farmers’ friends. And the function of the potato planter cannot better play.

When purchasing equipment, you should pay attention to whether the materials used in the potato planter are solid and thick. Whether the quality of the parts used in the machine is guaranteed. And whether the machine can replace in time when problems occur in the machine. The thick material can ensure the quality of the potato planter. The driver is inconvenienced because of quality problems during use.

If the potato planter has a complicated design and is not easy to operate, it is difficult to play the role of the potato planter. Such as the single row and double row potato planter. The solid and thick material guarantees the quality of the potato planter and does not pose a risk to the driver during use due to quality problems.

Therefore, when selecting and purchasing a potato planter, you should pay attention to the understanding of its function. And try to buy a fully functional potato planter. This kind of planter is more convenient to use in the later stage of planting and should pay attention to the reasonable design structure. Potato planter for future use.

Importance of accessories for potato planter

When using potato planter, the accessories are also very important for us. After long-term use, the improper maintenance of the accessories will also affect the use of the potato planter. The following single row and double row potato planter exporter introduces you to the importance of the accessories of the potato planter.

For potato seeders that work in the soil for a long time, damage to the parts is a common occurrence. In order to save this part of the money, some users usually continue to use damaged accessories. In fact, this kind of behavior is wrong, because when using the single row and double row potato planter for seeding. The main role is the planter accessories, so if you always use the damaged seeding accessories, the impact is the efficiency of sowing.

When using bad potato planter accessories, serious unevenness will occur during sowing. Which directly affects the planting work. Therefore, when it is found that there is damage to the accessories, the first thing to do is to repair or replace the damaged parts in time, so that the equipment can keep in a relatively good state.
Of course, when purchasing accessories, you must go to a manufacturer with good after-sales protection to purchase. So as not to purchase the inferior potato planter accessories, affecting the smooth progress of the planting work.

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