The function of Rice and Wheat Corn Thresher


There are many types of rice and wheat corn threshers on the market, one of which is the high-efficiency electric or diesel engine rice and wheat corn thresher. The machine uses a two-pole 7.5KW motor or 12 hip diesel engine as its power. And can widely use in threshing operations on crops such as rice, wheat, and corn.

The function of Rice and Wheat Corn Thresher

The thresher can repair or replace with new nails. If repairing new nails, it must repair or replace to ensure the balance of the rotor. The screen is a wearing part. If the screen damage, please replace the new screen. Therefore, this thresher equipment is the best new type of rice and wheat corn thresher equipment.
The main working part of the thresher is the rotor mounted on the machine. The corn kernels detach by the high-speed rotation of the rotor and the impact of the drum. The main components of the corn thresher compose of the rotor assembly, feeding device, frame, roller and so on! The rotor assemblies on the drum together form a threshing chamber, the rotor assembly being the primary working component, and the corn detachment is completed in the threshing chamber.

Working process of rice and wheat corn thresher

When the rice and wheat corn thresher are working, the corn impact in the rotor and drum rotating at high speed, the sieve hole separate the grain, the corn cob discharged from the tail of the machine, and the corn silk and the skin discharge from the tuyere. The corn thresher feeds inlet located on the upper part of the upper cover of the machine, and the corn cob enters the threshing chamber through the feed port. The rotor that subjects to high-speed rotation in the threshing chamber hits the corn kernels and falls off, and separate through the sieve hole. To prevent the falling corn kernels from splashing and injuring people.

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