The Fully automatic feed system of Silage Grass Chopper Machine


Aike Machinery produces the new animal silage fodder cutter crop straw crusher is a new type of equipment with a rolling bearing as the main shaft at one end of the casing. And the rotating material of the nacelle enters the crushing blade group for crushing. The new straw pulverizer has a reasonable structure, small floor space. Reasonable operation principle, high output, stable movement and easy replacement of the wearing parts. This machine is mainly suitable for crushing materials with medium and low hardness. The materials that can be pulverized are as follows: Wheat straw, corn stalks, sorghum stalks, beanstalks, pastures, etc.. Have huge production capacity, which can make materials fully pulverize in the process of blade pulverization. And can supply large biomass power plants and large-scale farms.

The equipment changes the way of the traditional crusher crushing crop straws. And is mainly used for the chopping processing of plant straws and plant straws with a diameter of 5 cm or less, and can also be used for the chopping processing of various crop straws and pastures. The whole set of equipment is mainly used for chopping processing of biomass such as cotton stalks, bark, branches, corn stalks, wheat straw, straw, etc. Processed products can be used for power generation, paper making, wood-based panels.

Silage Grass Chopper Machine with fully automatic feed system

Crop straw crusher uses a fully automatic feed system and a multi-knife cutting principle to crush all kinds of straw and fresh straw into ideal requirements according to requirements. The machine is mainly for green, wet, dry straw, crushing the particle size can be adjusted automatically. Which is the humanized function of the machine, because, at present, the fresh straw can pulverize into a sawdust shape. And the thickness can adjust automatically.

Current instability factor that causes Crop Straw Crusher

Many users may have many factors that cause the current of crop straw crusher to be unstable when used. First of all, it may be due to improper adjustment of the pressure roller ring gap to cause granulation of the device. Or the material is seriously damaged during operation, resulting in uneven distribution. When the sizes of the pulverization are different, the current fluctuation is apt to occur.

Semi-finished or returned materials produced by large lawn mowers may also contain too coarse separations due to the breakage of the grading screen. It cannot be ruled out that the drive mechanisms of large lawn shredders are different when the belt is tightened. The current will also affect.
Any device will encounter some problems as long as it is used for a long time. This is normal and each device has a certain lifetime. However, some devices may also be due to quality problems that occur very early, resulting in the device not working properly.

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