The design advantage of corn threshing/maize sheller machine


When we choose the mini corn threshing/maize sheller machine, we judge whether a machine is good or not. Not only look at the appearance, but some of the internal accessories are also the most important. We have to consider whether a good-looking machine can meet our requirements, so the shape is important, but it must also practical. We can’t downplay it because it doesn’t look good, but when we design the machine, we notice the appearance and the utility model. No matter what, we must design the past equipment that customers can see or even the equipment they like. Therefore, Hexie Machinery produces the equipment that can not only achieve the efficiency and productivity you expect but also the appearance will make you like it.

Why is our cheap factory price diesel engine/motor-driven corn sheller in the market well received by customers? That is because the threshing machine of Hexie Machinery has the ability to meet the needs of rural production labor. And our price is relatively cheap, which can affordable for a large number of users. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of our equipment.

Small type corn thresher

The design advantage of corn threshing/maize sheller machine

1. Significant efficiency: 15-20 corn cobs can remove in one minute, and 400-500 kg of corn can remove in one hour.

2. Simple operation: The thresher is different from the complicated operation of the old threshing machine. It uses the simple lever principle, and the user can understand at a glance, and can quickly get started with one operation.

3. Easy to use: It can use on any wooden bench or other places and places that can be fixed without maintenance or electricity. It is flexible and convenient.

4. Save time and effort: the use of simple mechanical principles, in the threshing process to achieve the effect of four or two pounds, so it is suitable for most users.

5. Threshing clean: has the advantages of keeping the corn cob intact and the corn kernels intact. Threshing clean once, without cleaning the second time, will not damage the corn kernels and can guarantee the quality of the corn.

6. Durable: It is made of all-metal steel material, which has the characteristics of strong hardness, wear-resistance, and non-deformation, and its service life can reach ten years.

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