The correct operation method of peanut groundnut harvester


As a good helper for farmers, Peanut groundnut harvester can improve work efficiency, reduce people’s labor intensity, and bring great convenience to farmers. However, if the equipment is not operated properly, it will only bring some trouble to farmers and delay the harvesting period. So what should the peanut harvester do before using it? Taian Aike Machinery Co., Ltd. will introduce the correct operation method of peanut harvester.

The correct operation method of peanut harvester

1. 30-75hp Tractor mounted work width 48-78 cm peanut harvester must be debugged and inspected before use. See if the equipment can run normally, and there are no loose bolts. Before starting work, the equipment must allow idling for a few minutes to ensure that there are no abnormalities before it can be put into use.

2. The fruit part of the peanut must be put into the feeding mouth, and it must be kept at a constant speed and continuous input. When the weather is bad, try to reduce the input amount as much as possible.

3. If the picking is not clean due to the large gap between the hobbing and the bottom of the screen, it must be adjusted in a timely manner.

4. If the cleaning is not clean, you can appropriately increase the fan speed or lower the air baffle.

5. Although the automatic bagging device is used, when the peanut bag is about to be full, the diverter plate is turned in time to prevent clogging.

The farm used machinery factory price tractor mounted combine peanut harvester is a new peanut harvesting equipment produced by Taian Aike Machinery Co., Ltd., which not only has high harvesting efficiency but also saves a lot of manpower and material resources. Users in need are welcome to come to buy.

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