Technology Improvements and Benefits of Rice and Wheat Corn Thresher


Aike Machinery produced rice and wheat corn thresher, the length, and diameter of the drum determine the deviation of the threshing. Users can choose this series of corn thresher according to their own threshing suit. The nails on the rotor are consumables. The wear should check frequently. When the teeth are worn for four minutes, the new nails can repair or replace by electric welding. If the new nails are repaired, they must repair or replace in full. Ensure the balance of the rotor; the screen is a wearing part. If the screen is broken, please replace the new screen.

Features OF Rice and Wheat Corn Thresher

China rice and wheat soybean thresher in the production process, the motor of the corn thresher is decelerated by the pulley. The spindle of the thresher is rotated, and the inclined spindle is welded with several inclined blades. When the corn thresher is working, the corn is driven by the blades on the main shaft. Both forward movement, upper and lower movement, in the process of movement and the grid on both sides and the bottom to squeeze. In order to achieve the purpose of threshing. The use of this corn processing machine for threshing operations has the following characteristics.

1. Using this corn processing machine for corn threshing operation, the crushing rate of corn kernels can minimize. And the processing quality of corn processing machinery can effectively guarantee.

2 When using the hot-selling wheat thresher rice thresher Soybean sheller processing machine to carry out corn and soybean processing thresher. It can meet different water threshing operations and has better applicability. When the traditional thresher takes off corn ear of 16% or less moisture, the breakage rate of the grain is higher. Aike produces the corn thresher equipment has a low breakage rate.

Performance of Rice and Wheat Corn Thresher

1. The threshing part of the machine adopts in-line drum threshing to make the machine have high output. The threshing clean corn core is not broken, and the threshing machine pulls more easily.

2. The machine uses a whistle-type double centrifugal suction fan to suck the dust. Hair and other impurities in the corn grain into the self-made pocket so that the worksite does not violently.

3. The machine adopts scraper type front shovel feeding, even if there are few corn cobs on the ground. It can easily load, which is more labor-saving than the popular thresher.

4. The machine adopts double-layer vibrating screen to make the corn kernel clean and free of impurities.

5. The drum of the machine is up to 1.25 meters for one-time threshing treatment of the corn cob. And the threshing is cleaner so that there is no grain sign on the corn cob.

Improvements and Benefits OF Rice and Wheat Corn Thresher

1. Adding observation ports on both sides of the main clearing screen to facilitate observation of the internal conditions of the main screen and cleaning of impurities.

2. The main clearing screen adopts the inclined design, which can effectively improve the movement track of the corn granules in the cleaning sieve. Balance the screening sieve and the suction force on both sides of the sieve, and the small thresher extends the service life of the machine.

3. The corn mash thrown by the threshing drum is transported to the core throwing machine through the auger conveyor. During the transportation process, the corn granules entrained in the corn mash are further recovered. And the corn glutinous rice wrapped with the granules is reduced. Increase so that the corn cobs are thrown farther apart.

4. High-Efficiency electric or diesel engine rice and wheat corn thresher are equipped with a grain recovery device. When the wind of the suction fan is too large, the sucked kernels are blocked in the grain separator and returned to the main screen to avoid waste.

5. The end cap of the threshing drum spindle bearing is filled with oil filling pipe. And the main shaft bearing can oil on the outside to avoid disassembly, convenient operation, saving time and labor.

6. The equipment main shaft and the threshing drum design with eccentricity to form a changing threshing space. Which effectively improves the movement effect of corn rolling and collision in the threshing space and improves the degreasing rate.

7. The thickness of the concave plate of the thresher equipment increases from 5.5 mm to 7.5 mm. The material is made of high-quality carbon structural steel hot-rolled steel plate, which is more durable and prolongs the service life.

8. The bottom plate of the lower hopper of the hoisting machine is provided with a mesh hole. Which can make the grain more clean and clean, and further reduce the impurity content of the grain.

9. Increase the hydraulic support of the machine to support the oil cylinder. So that the lifting and lowering of the hoist are more stable and reliable, the operation is simple and quick. And the operation efficiency is improved.

10. Further improve the height adjustment device at the top of the bracket, making the up and down adjustment of the hoist more convenient and quick.

11. Electric diesel engine rice bean maize small threshing machine diesel engine uses turbocharged diesel engine with strong horsepower. High efficiency, and low fuel consumption.

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