Technology Development of Maize/Corn Sheller and Thresher Machine Industry


Misunderstanding of using corn thresher

Safety is important when threshing with a corn thresher. In order to make the corn thresher a longer service life, it should follow the normal operation process.

First, the maintenance is not appropriate
After using the corn thresher, should inspect and keep in a safe place for future use. However, when they are used up, they are placed on the sidelines, the ground, and the courtyard. Any wind, sun, rain, and many parts are rusted, causing self-damage or difficulty in maintenance before the next use.

Second, the energy is scattered
Cheap factory price diesel engine/motor-driven corn sheller is used in large quantities during the fall harvest. As farmers sometimes get busy when harvesting corn and people are extremely vulnerable. Especially at night, it is easy to sleep, and the lighting is not good, so the energy is scattered, resulting in an accident. In addition, while feeding, while looking after children, the spirit is not concentrated, the hand is easily caught by the corn thresher roller.

Third, the operation is not familiar
Corn thresher operation is a certain technology, and if the machine is not properly operated, it is easy to malfunction. According to common examples, some places have changed the practice of threshing machine threshing by experienced operators in the past. But every household operates. Even a household has a corn thresher, and everyone at home and neighbors operates. When encountered the situation, didn’t know how to deal with it, repeated accidents.

How to make the corn thresher achieve the best threshing effect

In order to achieve the best threshing effect of the corn thresher, we have to arrange from the beginning to check the placement of the machine and how to use it. The main points are as follows:
1. Level the four feet of the device to ensure a smooth and secure position. To reduce vibration.

2. If the motor is used as the power, it is necessary to check whether the power cord is firmly connected. Tightly wrapped and installed with the ground wire.

3. Feed the corn cob continuously and evenly, and the feeding amount should be suitable. If the feeding is intermittent, it will affect production efficiency. If the feeding amount is too much, the machine will stick and overload, which will cause the motor to burn and damage the equipment.

4. The water content of the threshed corn cob should not exceed 20%, and the water content is too high to reach the normal threshing effect.

5. Before the end of the work, the corn cobs that have been put into operation will be completely cleaned and discharged. And then the load will stop.

Application of corn thresher

1. When threshing, the feeding should stop discontinuously on average, and the intermittent time will affect the consumption efficiency and the quality of threshing. If the seizure is stuck or overhead, wooden sticks can guide it so that the ear of corn can flow in freely, and no excessive pressure should apply.
2. At the beginning of threshing, the core outlet can block, and then opened after 105-205 to facilitate full threshing.
3. When there is an infarction between the roller and the concave plate, stop it in time, check the reason. And dredge the internal corn ear and then turn it on.

Technology development OF Corn thresher industry

The development direction of corn thresher industry technology, the final large-scale equipment to intelligent operation. The price is also high, even after subsidies are not suitable for ordinary people’s ideal choice. In recent years, high-performance mini corn threshing/maize sheller machine has made a major breakthrough in technology, and investment and low profitability have been favored by many people. However, due to the weak strength of many production enterprises, there is no independent research and development capability. And even most of these enterprises survive by modification and counterfeiting. In order to compete for the market, the manufacturing cost is reduced.

The mass impact market can not only guarantee the stability of technology but also the industry. The price has led to the high cost of research and development of new products and equipment with high technical content. And the promotion cost is also unable to reduce the market price. Good models are crowded out by the market because of cost and price problems, while the beautiful and unstable models have quietly reached the forefront of the market. Even the effect of entering the national subsidy catalog is the user’s reputation for the entire harvesting machinery industry.

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