Technical points of operation during Single-row Corn harvester operation


Use points of Single-row Corn harvester

In order for the corn harvesting unit to operate properly, safely produce, increase productivity and extend service life, the following must be done:
Preparation before harvester operation
1. Factory supply and widely used agricultural walking tractor driven mini corn harvester the structures is complex. There are many work items, and the rotational speed of each working part is very high. In order to ensure safe production and prevent accidents, the operator must strictly operate according to the requirements of the machine manual.

2. Before the operation, adjust the gap between the picking rolls to reduce the grain breakage. During the operation, pay attention to the fluency during the lifting of the ear to avoid jamming and clogging. Observe the fullness of the ear box at any time. And dump the ear in time to avoid the phenomenon of jamming occurs when the fruit overflows or unloads the grain.

3. Check whether the working parts of China walking tractor single-row corn harvester are fast and reliable. Whether tools, articles, etc. are placed on each operating part. Combined with the clutch handle of the main transmission box. Turn the engine flywheel by hand to see if the working parts rotate Flexible, no jams or unusual sounds.

4. Lubricating parts of corn harvesting machine should fill with lubricating oil. All gearboxes and flexible shaft bushings should fill with oil or gear oil. Each bearing should fill with butter. After one season of use, it should clean and replace with oil.

5. Should always check whether the chopping knife pin shaft is worn. Whether the cotter pin is off, whether the knife seat is desoldered, whether the file is missing. So as to avoid the sickle flying out of injury during operation.

Technical points of operation during Single-row Corn harvester operation

1. The corn harvester should smoothly combine with the clutch before the operation. And the throttle will gradually increase from small to small. Only when the throttle is the largest and the rated speed is reached. The parts are operated at the rated speed and the corn harvester can start harvesting.

2. Monitor the operation of each part of the machine at any time during the operation and find that the fault stops immediately. Check and troubleshoot after cutting off the power and stopping the transfer. It is never allowed to adjust, maintain and troubleshoot the machine while the machine is running.

3. Regularly check the cutting quality and cutting height. And adjust the working height of the chopper in time according to the specific conditions.

4. The work of the picking device should check according to the number of seeds thrown to the ground. The loss of grain should not exceed 0.5% of the total harvest of corn kernels. When the loss is large, check that the working gap between the picking boards is correct.

5. When the indicator box full indicator light is on, stop the harvesting operation immediately. And unload the corn ear in the ear box to the transport vehicle or the designated place in time and then continue the operation. Otherwise, it is easy to cause blockage of the elevator.

6. In order to effectively use the direct multi-function mini corn harvester diesel corn harvester hand push corn harvester, you need to choose the correct machine speed. Using too low or too high a working speed will result in low efficiency or poor work quality.

7. Should pay attention to the hydraulic system connection and sealing, no oil leakage is allowed. Also note the engine’s oil temperature, water temperature, and meter readings.

8. When starting the diesel engine, it should note that the continuous working time of the starting motor must not exceed 15s, and it takes 1~1.5min after starting again. When the startup is unsuccessful 3 to 4 times, check the power supply system, find out the cause and troubleshoot, and then restart the diesel engine.

9. After the diesel engine is running at a heavy load, if the temperature of the coolant is too high, it is not allowed to stop immediately. It should continue to run at low speed for 2 to 3 minutes, let the diesel engine gradually cool down, and then stop. When the diesel engine is not working, be sure to turn on the main switch and turn off the power.

10. When the corn harvester is working for a long time, it should interrupt for 1 to 2 minutes in a timely manner to allow the working parts to run empty. So as to remove all remaining corn ear, grain and other residues from the working parts.



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