Technical key and characteristics of Garlic Planting Machine


The 3 Point hitch garlic planting machine is a new type of garlic planting equipment that can use with tractors during work. It can be operated by one person and is easy to operate. In order to better use the garlic planting equipment, we should have a better understanding of the equipment. Let me introduce the technical key and characteristics of the equipment so that everyone has more understanding of the garlic planter.

Technology key of China Garlic Seeder Equipment

1. Effective and reasonable configuration of the whole machine to ensure a smooth, reliable and efficient operation.
2. Intermittent and continuous precise seeding to ensure planting plant spacing and point rate.
3. Tractor mounted garlic sowing machine the concentrated fresh water planted is suitable, and the planting index is evenly distributed.

Features of tractor mounted garlic sowing machine

1. Accurate seeding, safe operation and high efficiency, can improve the high efficiency of planting, and establish the specialization of garlic planting.
2. 3 Point hitch Garlic Planting Machine the cost of independent gasoline power is low, and the structure is simple. It is conducive to the same index of industrial operation technical indicators. The stable variation coefficient of total row planting %: ≤1.2
3. Some kinds of deep compliance rate: ≥90%
4. The offset of the parallel line of the whole machine: ≤50mm
5. The number of virtual feeding: ≤ 50 times / h
6. The vibration causes the surface garlic to jump height: ≤10mm

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