Technical design features of Multi-function Reaper Binder


Features of Multi-function Reaper Binder

1. The body is compact: body length 4.5 meters, height 1.2 meters, weight 600 kg. Not limited by planting line spacing, no need to manually open the road, adapt to the local planting mode.

2. Hydraulic lifting header: Multi-function reaper binder header can adjust at any time according to the height of the cutting head to achieve the best harvesting effect.

3. Hydraulic unloading device: After the multi-function reaper binder harvest complete. It can directly upload to the agricultural transport vehicle, saving time and effort.

4. The structure is simple: a large number of chains, belt drive, with a unique chain box instead of the traditional gearbox. So that the structure is simplified, reducing the cost, stable and reliable performance, easy maintenance.

5. Straw crush: multi-function reaper binder with a crushing knife. You can choose whether to crush the straw according to needs.

6. The required power is small: power consumption is small, just install on an 18-32 horsepower single-cylinder tractor can use normally.

7. Rich in accessories: It is widely used in the mature parts of small four-wheel tractors and three-wheeled agricultural vehicles with large reserves in the society. The resources of social supporting resources and maintenance parts are abundant.

Reaper Binder harvest should meet the following requirements

1. High-quality tractor mounted multi-function reaper binder should carry out in a timely manner. When the corn kernels are just ripe, try to harvest the straw before it turns yellow.

2. Reaper binder implementation of straw returning corn harvest as much as possible after the fruit oranges mature 3 to 5 days after the harvest operation so that the corn kernels are more full. The water content of the fruit draft is beneficial to the skinning operation. The straw turns yellow, and the water reduction is more conducive to smashing the straw. Which can relatively reduce the power loss.

3. According to the size of the plot and the spacing of the planting and the quality of the work, select the appropriate machine. And make a specific harvesting operation route before the operation. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the machine, do the preparatory work such as manual cutting and cutting.

Technology development OF Multi-function Reaper Binder

1. More durable
The corn harvester uses SPC belts throughout the car, and its service life is nearly three times that of ordinary belts;
The main components of the whole vehicle frame, elevator shell and granary are all electrophoretic sprayed, and no large-scale corrosion and rust will occur within three years;
The frame material is made of high quality steel and the service life is greatly extended;
The peeling roller is made of high quality rubber, which has a good peeling effect and strong durability.

2. More reliable
The floating type lengthening divider is better for harvesting the lodging corn;
4C adopts offset type header, which effectively reduces the phenomenon of “pressing” during operation;
The water tank cover adopts a wave plate structure to reduce the contact area between the straw and the shield, and the temperature drop is more effective;
4C two sets of independent lower cutters, the overall balance is good, the transmission load is low;
The inclined ribs of the metal section at the tail of the stripping roller avoid the phenomenon of “slipping”;
This series of corn harvesters has more than 20 patented technologies;
More than 220 parts and service stations nationwide, providing you with babysitting services.

3. Smarter
High-end information integration module, the operating status of each system can be seen at a glance through the intelligent display device;
When the fault occurs, the fault self-diagnosis system issues a warning through the display device to remind the operator of the fault location and troubleshooting method, and timely stop and maintain;
When the granary is lifted during the operation, the fan automatically reverses and automatically cleans the fan guard debris;
By switching the settings of the smart display device, the user can learn about the running status of the vehicle, maintenance knowledge, and other related information.

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