Technical characteristics of Excellent Quality Peanut Thresher


Technical characteristics of Excellent Quality Peanut Thresher

Excellent quality peanut thresher is a typical agricultural machine in our life. It brings great convenience to our peanut harvesting work. What technical characteristics does it have in the process of using it? How do we need to use them in the process of using agricultural machinery in order to better promote their future use and ensure their normal use in the future? What knowledge do we know during the normal use process to better promote their future development? Below is our professional peanut thresher with dust removal sheller well-known manufacturers to share the technical characteristics of the peanut thresher.

The stepped double roller of peanut thresher/groundnut threshing machine ensures smoother feeding and avoids clogging and improves work efficiency. The double-axis flow fan has large air volume and reasonable wind speed distribution, which makes the separation of stems. Leaves and fruits more thorough and improves the clearance. Choose the effect. The lower screen and the movable screen adopt reciprocating activities, and the swing width is large so that the fruit and the mud block are sorted in time. And the sieve is not blocked. All contact parts are sealed to avoid the occurrence of the breakage rate. The height of the discharge port is increased, and it is automatically smashed, which reduces labor intensity, saves labor and time, and reduces production costs. It is convenient and fast to move, has a guide wheel, can operate manually or mechanically, and is convenient to transport.

Installation of peanut thresher requirements

1. The movable feeding table should flexible and can support on the upper cover of the machine after being turned up. The inlet baffle and the baffle shaft should install firmly. The clearance between the baffle and the two sides of the frame should not be less than 1.5 mm. The baffle should in good agreement with the front slide.

2. The surface of each tooth of the drum should perpendicular to the drum axis and parallel to each other. The end rings of the two rollers should be perpendicular to the shaft. After the bearing seat is fixed on the frame, the drum should able to rotate freely. Without jamming, without shaft. To the sway, the radial runout must not exceed 2 mm.

3. The longitudinal sides of the concave screen shall parallel, and the vertical and horizontal strips of the sieve shall perpendicular to each other. The sliding plate and the dust-discharging plate shall tightly contact after the concave screen, forming a closed fruit-picking chamber.

4. The gap between the machine roller and the concave plate cannot adjust. The installation clearance must be 98-105 mm, the middle 90-95 mm, and the U96-103 mm.

5. The connecting screws of the fixed beam frame and the frame of the fan bearing seat should be fixed firmly. After installation, the fan blades must not touch the housing and can rotate freely.

Threshing effect of peanut thresher equipment

There are many things to consider when we purchase the peanut thresher with dust removal sheller equipment, and what’s important is its threshing effect.
When it comes to the effect of the thresher of the peanut thresher, it is affected by many factors. Today, I will introduce you to simple precautions, which will be helpful to help improve the efficiency of the thresher and improve the service life of the equipment.

1. Before feeding, we need to close the telescopic hopper, wait until it is full of peanuts. Then turn it on and close the peanut kernel outlet. When it is observed that the specific gravity sorting screen surface is already close to 20 mm, the kernel is started again.

2. In the case of the kernel, we need to observe and adjust the sluice gate to achieve the effect of smoothing out the peanut kernel and avoiding the small fruit outflow.

3. If we have already opened all the gates of Renkou, but the speed of the nuts is still not ideal. We can properly adjust the connecting rod screws in the long direction.

Excellent quality peanut thresher/groundnut threshing machine is an efficient peanut threshing machine. In the peanut thresher, it works more efficiently and the fruit is also cleaner. At the same time, the loss of dry and wet peanut thresher is also very small, whether it is dry steam or wet stem can use.
The device adopts cylindrical nail-shaped claws. This shape is very effective for picking peanuts and can greatly improve the fruit picking efficiency. When threshing, peanuts will pull up to the drum and curved bottom sieve. Between, after the device moves.

Peanut meal will squeeze and rubber in the gap between the two and will vibrate. Under such a role, the peanut will be quickly separated from the peanut meal. And the fallen fruit and some broken soil will be sieved. The Internet leaked.
Some users may say that such a result is not what we want. If it comes out of the thresher, it is just a clean peanut fruit. Hexie Machinery has been technically improved to allow dust and relatively light peanuts to be blown out of the machine under the action of a fan, and the picking and selection work is done in one go.

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