Technical advantages of garlic sowing machine


Garlic sowing machine is a new type of garlic seeding equipment. The machine has a wide geographical range and can use for large-scale and mechanized seeding of garlic in plains and hills. It can also be used alone or in combination with small and medium-sized agricultural tractors commonly used by farmers.

Technical advantages of garlic sowing machine

1. When sowing, you can adjust the sowing direction of the garlic head. Keep garlic roots down and heads up. In order to improve seeding efficiency and survival rate of garlic.

2. The device can automatically and accurately seed, and the seeding rate is high. It can perform the high-efficiency operation, improve seeding efficiency. Realize the mechanization of garlic seeding, and save a lot of labor and material costs.

3. It has low power, simple structure, and convenient for large-scale operation by adopting single power or supporting with small and medium-sized agricultural tractors commonly used by farmers.

China garlic planter garlic seeder has advanced technology, which can achieve a wide range of continuous spotting at one time and can complete precision seeding. Realize the scale and mechanization of garlic cultivation. China’s garlic cultivation is mainly manual planting, with high labor intensity and low production efficiency. Each adult laborer can only plant 133.3m2 per day. Each planting of 1 acre of garlic costs 150 yuan, which is very costly. No hiring phenomenon available. Therefore, the use and promotion of garlic seeders have brought great convenience to users.

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