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The peanut picker machine produced by Aike Machinery has a novel structure and wide adaptability. Peanut straw can be picked in fresh, semi-dry and dry conditions, among which large peanuts are the main ones, and the best results are obtained in the case of fresh straw and semi-fresh straw. The machine will complete the process of picking, lifting, screening and selecting four times. The working efficiency is more than 12 times that of workers. It is an ideal machine with a broad development prospect. Picking 2-3 mu per hour, the picking rate is 99%, and the breaking rate is 1%.

Peanut picker machine features

1. The peanut picker machine is suitable for the separation of capsules from the excavated peanuts. It is an ideal choice for fresh fruit picking.
2. After picking the fruit, the peanuts are clean and free of impurities. After drying, they can be directly packed and stored.
3. Easy to operate, reliable performance, clean fruit, high efficiency, less broken, small power matching.
4. The equipment is fixed and flowed by joints with the tractor through the universal joint.
5. The peanut picker machine adopts an enlarged roller and thickened materials, and the performance is more stable, and the continuous working ability is stronger. The operation of each component is coordinated.

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