Structure and features of Hay Crop Straw Cutter Silage Grass Chopper Machine


Hay crop straw cutter silage grass chopper machine is an efficient energy-saving hay cutter, the equipment has the characteristics of novel structure, stable operation, easy operation, convenient maintenance, safety, and durability. Suitable for cutting all kinds of grass, hay, grain straw, wheat straw, corn straw, and other feeds. In rural areas, it is necessary equipment for farmers and small and medium-sized feed processing plants, and can also be used by farmers, ranchers, paper mills, and wood-based panel factories.

Structure of hay crop straw cutter

This machine is mainly composed of feeding mechanism, cutting and throwing mechanism, power transmission clutch mechanism and frame, walking and protective device, cutting blade and other parts. In the hay crop straw cutter silage grass chopper machine before the work, the operator must first have a detailed understanding of the equipment, then the operation.

Features of silage grass chopper machine

1. Steel structure frame, small size, lightweight and convenient to move.
2. The blade is made of high-quality steel, refined by special technology, super strong wear-resistant; using high-strength bolts, safe and reliable.
3. The casing is made of thick steel plate continuously welded, the whole mold is formed, beautiful and durable.
4. Advanced straw feeding mechanism, unique straw feeding roller device, automatic feeding, smooth feeding, high production efficiency, and the whole machine is safe and reliable. The straw roller drive shaft adopts universal coupling with compact structure, flexible operation, and convenient disassembly and assembly.

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