Straw Returning Machine


Introduction to the operation points of straw returning machine

The straw returning machine is an indispensable machine in agricultural operations and can help to accomplish a lot of things in agricultural production. Then, when the straw returning machine is working in the field, what should be paid attention to? Let Hexie bring everyone to understand.
Straw Returning Machine

1. Conduct an investigation before the operation

Drivers must have legal tractor driving qualifications. They should investigate the ground, soil and crop conditions before the operation. As well as the removal of road obstacles and the leveling of the ground ditch. The removal of large stones in the field, and the marking.

2. the straw returning machine starts

When performing field operations, the straw returning machine should start at a low speed with an empty load. And wait until the engine reaches the rated speed before operating.

3. A reasonable choice of operating speed

Reasonable choice of operating speed, different work speeds for different growth crops. During the operation, attention should be paid to clearing the grass, avoiding obstacles such as bandits and stumps. And leaving the 3-5m unit in the ground.

4. It is forbidden to hit the earth with the hammer of the straw returning machine.

It is forbidden to hit the earth with the hammer claw during the operation to prevent the torque from being infinitely increased and causing malfunction. If the hammer or sickle is found to be soiled, the height of the ground wheel or the length of the hanging rod on the tractor should adjust.

Straw Returning Machine

5. The operation process is prohibited from approaching

When the straw returning machine is working. It is strictly forbidden to turn or reverse with load. It is strictly forbidden to approach or track, so as to avoid throwing debris and injuring people.

6 .the straw returning machine should be suitable for lifting speed and height

The lifting of the machine should not be too fast, and it should not be too high or too low to avoid damage to the machine. It is strictly forbidden to remove the transmission belt cover. If it is necessary to carry out the operation of removing the grass, troubleshooting, etc., be sure to stop the machine first. When you are traveling on the road, you must cut off the tractor and output power.

7. There is abnormal parking in time

If you hear an abnormal sound during operation, you should stop the vehicle immediately and check the problem before proceeding. It is strictly forbidden to inspect the implement while the machine is running.

8.Pay attention to check the tightness of the belt

The tightness of the belt should be checked at any time during the operation so as not to reduce the speed of the cutter shaft and affect the quality of the crushing and the wear of the belt.

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