Stability guarantee of tractor mounted combine peanut harvester


With the rapid development of China’s agricultural economy and agricultural engineering, the use of modern agricultural science and agricultural engineering facilities in the peanut planting industry is an important trend in the current development of agricultural technology. The peanut harvester is a representative application under this trend. The crops are complete and complete, with low loss rate, smooth feeding, and reliable work. It has the characteristics of complete and complete crops, low loss rate, large feeding volume, smooth and smooth, high extraction rate, low breaking rate, and high reliability. So how much do you know about the peanut harvester? Here, Aike Machinery will introduce you to farm used machinery factory price tractor mounted combine peanut harvester.

Stability guarantee of peanut harvester

30-75hp tractor-mounted work width 48-78 cm peanut harvester during the working process, due to the uneven working environment, it is difficult to ensure the stable running of the peanut harvester. And its centroid height and driving speed are inevitably fluctuating. It will seriously affect the initial height of the digging shovel, which in turn affects the performance of the digging shovel. This requires the introduction of centroid fluctuations on the basis of conventional control by the digging shovel and the use of more advanced control methods to achieve its adaptive adjustment. So as to achieve good performance of the peanut harvester.

In order to ensure the stability of the peanut harvester, the design should consider how to dynamically adjust the trajectory control of the digging shovel according to the centroid fluctuation of the peanut harvester caused by the uneven soil surface. The key point of the trajectory control is how to determine the deviation between the initial position of the digging shovel and the theoretical optimal position. If the deviation value can be obtained and the trajectory of the digging shovel is modified according to the deviation value, a more Excellent control effect. In the established structural design, the adaptive control system can achieve a smoother operation of the peanut harvester. Tractor mounted peanut harvester for ridge forming land, with good stability and high productivity.

Adjustment notes of peanut harvester

1. Adjustment of peanut harvester
Place the implement on a level surface, adjust the wire in the tractor so that the ground wheel is 5 cm away from the ground. And then adjust the front limit to make it 8 to 10 cm from the ground, that is, drop your depth limit to a hole. The specific effect is that when the tractor puts the peanut harvester on the ground. Only the plow tip touches the ground, and the front limit is 8 to 10 cm from the ground and 5 cm from the ground.

2. The machine is adjusted to the left and right, adjust the left and right drawbars of the tractor.

3. Before going to work in the ground, clean up a piece of open space on the ground, do not have peanuts and vines. That is, when the peanuts are harvested, the plow tip should not fall on the peanut vines. During the work, the plow is found on the plow. It is necessary to clean up in time

4. When working in the ground, the plot should not be too wet. The water content of the plot is a bit too large and it is easy for the soil.

5. Driven by tractor high-efficiency peanut harvester for farm, if you feel the tractor is struggling during the work, it means that the plow shovel is deep into the soil. It is necessary to raise the machine slightly by the tractor hydraulic lifting operation handle in time, and see the peanut rafts go up smoothly. When transporting the chain, quickly raise the hydraulic pressure back to the neutral position. When you see that the peanuts on the peanut conveyor chain have no roots. This means that the soil is shallow, uses the hydraulic lifting handle to close the peanuts. Then sees the peanut vines on the conveyor chain with roots, indicating that the depth is appropriate, then return the hydraulic lift handle to the center position.

6. Because the machine is easy to sink in the sand land, the front limit can be removed. According to the operation of (5), the depth of the machine is controlled, but this requires the operator to familiarize himself with the hydraulic operating handle of the tractor.

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