Specific use method of potato planter


Tractor mounted single row and double row potato planter is a new type of potato planter equipment produced by Aike Machinery. This device belongs to a small potato planter, with a simple structure and a supporting tractor with a power of 7.40 ~ 11kw. Especially suitable for small field sowing. Moreover, the machine is easy to operate and can operate at a glance at the instructions. Economical and applicable, sowing efficiency is high. Compared with the manual, it can improve the working efficiency by 3 to 4 times. It is a very popular agricultural equipment nowadays. Aike Machinery will introduce the specific use of the equipment to everyone.

Specific use method of potato planter

1. Machine structure

3 Point hitch potato planting machine mainly consists of frame, ditching shovel, mounting frame, seedbox, seeding component, seed tube, tube, fertilizer box, drive wheel, sprocket chain, potato cup, clutch, soil cover Parts composition. When seeding, various parts coordinate and cooperate to improve the seeding efficiency of the equipment.

2. Equipment installation
Before using the potato planter, we equipped it with a corresponding two-wheeled walker tractor. The traction frame of the main machine is installed in the traction box of the tractor, aligned with the bolt shaft connection hole. And then fixed by the bolt shaft, so that the planter and the tractor are integrated. Installation is complete and ready for use.

3.Working principle

When the hand clutch is combined, the machine is driven by the supporting tractor, the ditch is opened and the ditch is opened, and the drive wheel starts to rotate. The sprocket and chain drive are driven by the drive wheel shaft to achieve seeding and fertilization. Driven by the chain, the mechanical potato cup is lifted and loaded with seed potatoes, and when it reaches the highest point, it enters the seed potato guide tube and is discharged into the seeding trench opened by the shovel opener. With the advancement of the seeder, the inverted shovel soil shovel will gradually push the floating soil in front of the ditching shovel into the ditch, cover the seed potato, and cover the seed potato with 5-8cm. The fertilizer is applied to the top of the seed potato covering soil through the fertilizing device and the fertilizing guide pipe, and then the shovel covers the floating soil at the edge of the ditch, all covering the top of the ditch, and raising a small hoe.

Aike Machinery is a single row and double row potato planter exporter. We not only produce seeder equipment but also export agricultural threshers, harvesters, rice mills, and other agricultural equipment. Users in need are welcome to come to buy.

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